Khloe Enables Rob Kardashian, Throws Him a Party!

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It was just last year when Khloe Kardashian was accusing Kris Jenner of being an enabler for helping Rob Kardashian. Really, it seemed like Khloe was just upset that she was losing what was left of her control over Rob. 

Only now that Rob Kardashian has disgraced the family with his social media tantrum over Blac Chyna and made it worse with a vile, transphobic tweet designed to insult Kris Jenner, he's gone running back to Khloe for support. We have video of their little reunion below.

So who's the enabler now?

Khloe and Rob Kardashian Instagram Pic

It's Khloe. Khloe's the enabler.

Because, again, we don't think that she was ever unhappy that Kris Jenner was helping Rob move into his new house with Blac Chyna because of the helping part.

We think that Khloe was just upset that she'd no longer have Rob in her clutches where she could try to micromanage his every move, you know?

Some people panic when people go off to live their lives, fearing that they'll be left behind.

Strangely, we now wish that Khloe had managed to keep Rob under control, because the domestic violence allegations against Rob make it sound like his behavior's gone from inexcusable to monstrous.

But now that he's pissed off the entire Kardashian clan, lost countless fans, and made a total enemy of the mother of his child, it looks like Rob's gone running back to Khloe with his proverbial tail between his legs.

Khloe and Rob Kardashian

Khloe's used Snapchat videos to reveal that Rob is staying with her.

Technically, we don't see him -- or Tristan Thompason, whom she also cites as being present -- actually appear in the video.

In the first video -- we have both for you, below, set to play back-to-back for your convenience -- Khloe mentions Tristan and Rob.

(She's using a filter that not only does weird things to her face, but turns her voice into the high-pitch whines of some beast from our nightmares, but thankfully that's only in the first part)

She also suggests that it's going to be some sort of small party.

"Dance party at the house with Tristan and Rob and Koko," she says in a voice that is just barely tolerable to the human ear.

Because, really, when your brother has a restraining order against him and could be facing criminal charges, you respond by throwing him a party!

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Her other Snapchat video reminds the world of how Khloe likes to start her days:

Inhumanly early and with exercise.

She's literally up before the sun by her own choice so that she can exercise.

And, naturally, though she doesn't show them on camera, she has Rob and Tristan with her.

"Rob, Tristan, and I are up early to get this early morning workout in. Early bird gets the worm."

Sometimes sour gummy worms can make a tasty breakfast, but we somehow don't think that this is what she meant.

A Rob Kardashian Selfie

According to E!, there's more to this than just Rob third-wheeling for a day.

No, it looks like Khloe's trying to "help" Rob Kardashian by trying to use the situation to get him to do exactly what she wants him to do.

"She is trying to help him. Rob didn't move in with her, but Khloe and Tristan are encouraging him to come hangout at the house and workout with them hoping it will motivate him to get back on the health grind and take care of himself."

That's just the first step, right?

"She wants him to get back on track so she is trying to help him."

Family is great and all of that, but there's a line that you don't cross and expect people to still support you unconditionally.

We guess that Khloe doesn't care, so long as she gets to take back some control.

If our sympathy for Rob weren't even lower than Snoop Dogg's, we might feel sorry for the guy.

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