Scott Disick Drunk at a Bar: I Want My Dick Sucked!

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If you've been trying to tell yourself that Scott Disick's recent string of behavior has all just been an act or some sort of self-parody ... prepare for a rude awakening.

Not only does this report say that he was sloppy drunk in public, but it sounds like the guy who claims that he's not a sex addict was coming across as desperate -- at best --  for sex from total strangers.

This guy needs help.

Scott Disick is on a Boat

So, as we know, Scott Disick has been drinking and partying to excess on a well-publicized bender that's basically lasted all year.

Part of that has just been constant drinking to excessive levels.

Scott reportedly only stays sober around his three kids.

Another huge part of that is chasing very, very young models.

All of this would be fine -- he isn't cheating on Kourtney -- if he weren't a father with actual responsibilities.

This is all being publicized, so even if his kids are sheltered from this now, they'll have to learn about their father's ridiculous antics eventually.

(Mason is already seven! That's old enough to pick up on a little news or notice a story in a magazine at a friend's house)

And then there's the grim reality that Scott's ever-intensifying spiral of behavior could result in his death.

That could impact his children for life.

Some children end up following in their parent's footsteps in the worst way, sometimes in an effort to understand them.

This can't really be what Scott wants for his children, can it?

Scott Disick Laughs It Up

In this vicious cycle of self-loathing followed by drinking and then more bad behavior that prompts more self-loathing, Scott seems to be blaming it all on how much he misses Kourtney.

Well, according to what a witness told The Daily Mail, Scott Disick's behavior is now out of control in ways that impact other people.

Recently, he was at a Hamptons bar and it sounds like he's lost all semblance of self-control.

"He was sloppy drunk."

In public? That's not good. Even at a bar.

Like, this isn't college -- being sloppy drunk around people like this is not a great sign.

But it gets worse.

"At one point he just walked over to two girls and started grabbing them."

We hear that when you're a celebrity, they just let you do it.

(We don't know where he grabbed or if there was consent or not based upon this source's story, but that could potentially land Scott in legal trouble)

"Then screamed out: 'I want my dick sucked!'"


Honestly, we've been around our share (more than our share) of out-of-control drunk people.

We have never once heard a grown-ass adult yell about wanting oral attention.

That's usually a frustration that's going to be expressed by someone who is, like, 12.

And, for the record, that's sexual harassment in its own right.

It really sounds like Scott needs to get a grip.

Kourtney and Scott Disick Throwback

Basically, Scott's behavior is getting worse.

At the risk of sounding like one of those cult-like 12-step programs (we're not saying that they don't work for some people, we're just saying that they're creepy and not for everyone), sooner or later, Scott is going to hit rock bottom.

It could be that he just wakes up one morning and realizes that he can't keep doing this or, as his friends fear, he'll drink himself to death.

It could be worse, though.

Before he reaches that point of realization, Scott might just die.

He could also end up hurting someone else.

For the sake of his kids, we really hope that he's not too far gone to 

Oh Lord

A truly horrible thought occurs to us.

Let's say that Scott never gets past this.

That he never gets bad enough to receive a wake-up call and either survives or doesn't.

Think of the number of young women of varying levels of fame he keeps hooking up with -- he really seems to be into 19-year-olds at the moment.

What if, in a few years, one of his kids is watching a movie or whatever and they develop a crush, and it turns out to be on, say, Bella Thorne?

You know what, we don't even want to think about that.

Scott might never get back with Kourtney, but he could at least be there for his kids.

And not be a source of embarrassment or lifelong sorrow for them as they grow up.

Come on, dude.

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