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Forget what happened on Game of Thrones when Jon and Dany finally met, Sunday night television this week provided viewers with a far more pressing answer to a far more important answer:

What the heck happened between Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins?!?

Did the former get deported or what?!?

Mohamed Jbali Image
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This topic has been hanging over 90 Day Fiance for months and it was finally addressed in full yesterday evening.

In scenes filmed back in March, we watched as Danielle aimed to get the ex-couple’s marriage annulled, an act that would likely result in Mohamed’s deportation because it would cause his green card to be void.

Mullins explained how she and her husband never really had sex, jumping from there to to conclusion that their marriage was therefore a sham.

"Mohamed not sleeping with me is proof that he was not here for the right reasons and he was getting sex from someone else," Danielle said in a confessional.

(Somewhere, husbands around the globe are disagreeing, arguing that a lack of sex simply means Mohamed and Danielle were married.)

Mohamed Jbali and Danielle
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In preparation for a court hearing, Jbali met with an attorney during this same the episode.

He was advised that since Danielle was coming equipped with supposed proof of his infidelity – in the form of social media posts and text messages – and that Mohamed should have his own evidence on hand to counter these claims.

Mohamed got pretty darn angry over the situation.

He was told to calm the heck down, lest this same anger come out in a courtroom setting and it costs him the case.

The actual hearing won’t air until next week, but those who have followed the journey of Mohamed and Danielle closely (for some reason) will recall that the former broadcast the events at the time on Facebook Live.

He wanted to tell his story without concern that producers would edit it in some way.

This is Mohamed Jbali
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During this livestream, Mohamed detailed how a judge decreed a divorce would be best for him and Danielle, NOT an annulment.

Did he go back to Tunisia? Yes.

But not because he was deported.

“I’m not trying to say that the judge said I have to leave – no, it’s my decision, I said to leave. The judge did not ask me to leave the country,” he said.

“I am just divorced. I got my divorce without fighting, without anything.

"We didn’t talk about any single thing in the courthouse – we just agreed to pay whatever we have bills together and that’s it.”

It’s true that the painful saga of Mohamed and Danielle as a married couple is over. They have gone their separate ways and ended their relationship on poor terms.

Danielle Mullins
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But the saga of Danielle herself may just be beginning.

Mullins recently said she has signed on for at least one more reality show in the future.

God help us all.