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Rob Kardashian has not said a single word in public since going off in a wildly inappropriate and borderline illegal way against Blac Chyna a few weeks ago.

But the reality star’s lawyer has allegedly been doing a lot of talking.

Blac Chyna Feels Dreamy
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As nearly every celebrity gossip follower must know by now, Kardashian blasted Chyna at the outset of this month for hooking up with other men behind his back.

Actually, he blasted China for hooking up with men directly in front of his back, considering she sent him a video of her kissing some other dude on July Fourth.

After slamming his ex-fiancee as a drug-addicted, plastic surgery-obsessed gold digger, Kardashian shared three nude photos of Chyna and got himself kicked off Instagram.

Thee were questions over whether Rob had violated California’s revenge porn law, while Chyna successfully lobbied a judge for a temporary restraining order against her troubled baby daddy.

To her credit, however, Chyna said in a follow-up interview that she would never take Rob’s daughter away from her, despite the serious tension that exists between Mom and Dad.

And now a subsequent Radar Online report states the same.

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“Rob and Chyna’s lawyer are working out the details of their custody situation quietly," a source tells the aforementioned website.

With Rob and Chyna having split shortly after daughter Dream was born in November, it’s unclear whether or not the stars ever entered into any sort of legal arrangement regarding their child.

It doesn’t sound that way.

It sounds as if the two simply shared custody of the eight-month old at various times, with nothing official in place.

It’s evident at this point, however, that attorneys need to get involved and that an actual custody contract must be signed in order to avoid potential problems down the line.

Chyna and Rob don’t talk to each other at all,” Radar writes, adding:

“Only the lawyers are in communication with each other. They’re doing this so they can get along for the sake of Dream.”

Dream Kardashian, Watermelon Baby
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The parents are scheduled for a court hearing on August 7, but their representatives are pushing for a “continuance” in the hope they can arrive at an agreement without the need of a judge.

"The case will be done and closed quietly," Radar concludes of the custody battle.

Following several months in which the former couple fought endless on television and on social media, we very much hope this turns out to be true.

If one silver lining can come out of Rob’s unwarranted attack against Chyna, it would be for both sides to realize that there’s a little girl at the center of all this drama and that private issues should remain private.

Think whatever you want about Rob or Chyna, but we should all be rooting for them to work out a custody arrangement that guarantees Dream with a healthy environment moving forward.