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What did the world ever do to deserve someone as wonderful as Paris Jackson? Seriously, whether she’s talking about politics or her love of dogs or how she wants to make the world a better place, you can’t help but love her.

Without social media, the world would only know her for interviews. Interviews give you answers to questions, but they don’t let you see as much of who someone really is. Plus, social media lets stars share their own photos.

Her most recent photo is raising a few eyebrows, less because of what she’s doing but because it lacks commentary … and she appears to be entirely topless.

Paris Jackson at 2017 Grammys
Photo via 2017 Steve Granitz

Whether Paris Jackson uses Instagram to show off a new tattoo honoring Michael Jackson or Twitter to drag Kylie and Kendall for all they’re worth, the girl is a marvel on social media.

Paris Jackson’s latest Instagram photo makes use of some clever censorship that’s all about camera angles.

(The best censorship isn’t via photoshop or hand placement or a fig leaf — it’s when the camera is angled so that a natural part of the environment or even the person’s activity blocks whatever needs to be hidden)

She’s looking at a set of cards, and with her posture, the table in front of her (and, arguably, her hand that’s holding the cards) prevents any violations of Instagram’s ridiculous pearl-clutching policies.

She looks great — Paris Jackson always looks great.

Paris Jackson, Topless with Cards
Photo via Instagram

She’s gorgeous, as always.

We were also immediately captivated by those tapestries behind her.

You see a lot of those in people’s apartments, so it’s nice to see that Paris doesn’t just have a decorator come in and never give her own surroundings a second thought.

(Not that we expected that she did — she’s such a real person, you know?)

A lot of people reported this as her playing cards, and that might be the case.

Most people have played strip poker (well, the rules of poker get a little complicated the more that you drink … so it usually ends up more like strip Texas hold ’em, right?), but most of us don’t allow photos.

The thing is, though, that we’re not entirely convinced that these are playing cards.

(Or, at least, being used as playing cards)

They might be tarot cards.

(And yes, some do have very simple backs like these)

Even traditional playing cards can be used for divination, just like a dedicated tarot deck.

We mention this, even though playing cards are a more common choice, because Paris Jackson — a very spiritual person in general — has been on a huge spiritual kick lately.

Paris Jackson on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

And she’s been sharing many of her thoughts on social media, even just over the weekend:

"When the universe be sending you so many messages at once n you don’t know which ones to process first n can’t figure out what they all mean."

She tweets that with a well-known stock photo of a man who seems surprised but overwhelmed with his good fortune at receiving so many limes.

(Stock photos are weird, but they make great fodder for memes)

She also shared a meme about reincarnation that featured a Trump quote (don’t worry — she is not one of his fans).

Paris shared another tweet that, honestly, even we had to read a couple of times:

"When they hurt u but they’re playing a role due to sacred soul contract so u love them bc their existence is furthering ur spiritual growth."

Our big takeaway is that we’re sorry that some jerk made Paris Jackson sad.

Anyway, we still don’t know what cards she was looking at.

She included no caption with the photo.

She also appears to have disabled comments for that picture.

A good choice, given the kind of vile things that people say to naked young women.

As for the toplessness, well … Paris Jackson has been nude before. And she’s even shared photos:

Paris Jackson Topless Snapchat
Photo via Snapchat

She enjoys nudity (even outdoors).

It’s so nice that she’s embracing her flesh prison instead of being needlessly ashamed of it.

Really, she’s 19 and she’s already wiser than a lot of people.

More importantly, she’s so good, you guys.

Given her father’s fame, controversy, and death — it would have been so easy to look at her and go: "This girl doesn’t stand a chance."

Instead, she’s one of our absolute favorite celebrity kids.

Actually, she’s one of our favorite people.