Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 16 Recap: Is Kirk the Father?

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Viewers have been clamoring to learn the truth about the paternity of Jasmine Washington's baby, and we finally got some answers about it on Love & Hip Hop Season 6 Episode 16

If you watch Love & Hip Hop online, you will know that Jasmine has been at odds with many of those close to her over the persistent baby daddy rumors. 

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When the episode got underway, Kirk was at odds with Shirleen as the trip to Jamaica reached a conclusion. Al Shirleen wanted was for Kirk to admit all of the bad things he did to Rasheeda. 

Hey, it's not too much to ask after all of the crap she has been put through this season alone. Kirk decided it was best to go on the offensive and blamed Shirleen for trying to break up the family. 

Um, is Kirk deluded? Why would he even think to trash Shirleen at a moment like this? This should make Rasheeda's decision about him a little easier. 

Shirleen seemed to think that the best course of action was to leave the situation, because, well, she did not want to be called a homewrecker. 

Rasheeda caught up with her mother back in Atlanta, and things were not great. 

Rasheeda Frost in a Jacket

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen him that mad and I don’t know why he’s mad at me. The most important thing is the DNA. Everybody else asks him that question,” Shirleen explains, apparently still irate about the whole thing. 

Rasheeda went on to chat about Kirk giving her a breakdown of his money and properties in the event they were going ahead with a separation. 

Rasheeda then noticed a letter from Jasmine, apologizing for everything that's happened since she appeared on the scene. 

“You destroyed my life. I don’t f**k with you,” Rasheeda revealed in her confessional while saying the DNA test results were enclosed. 

Logan is NOT the father, meaning Kirk is a fair bet to be the man we all thought he was. 

Elsewhere, Tammy Rivera organized a meeting between Tommie and her mother, Samantha. Yes, this was always going to be a drama-filled moment for the series. 

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Tommie has so much anger towards Samantha for not being around for much of her young life, so it made sense that they would at least try to right the ship. 

Deb appeared and went toe-to-toe with Samantha for not listening to Tommie. Instead, she only seemed concerned with saying she was away for a reason. 

In the end, Samantha and Tommie managed to fix their relationship, but something tells us they are not going to be friendly this soon. 

Finally, Stevie J met up with Joseline to attempt to work things out. He was still annoyed about the way Joseline treated his daughters and felt like she needed to apologize. 

Joseline Calls Wedding Off

Joseline did not let him get a word in, saying he should go to New York to appear on Wendy Williams and to fire his new artist, Estelita Quintero.

No, we're not kidding. Petty? Yes. Typical Joseline? Of course. 

When Stevie decided to not agree to Joseline's terms, she threatened that she would move to Miami, but Stevie stood his ground and told her to stop using Bonnie Bella as a piece of the puzzle. 

Later, Stevie revealed he would continue to support Estelita Quintero, and his daughters were ecstatic. 

However, Joseline revealed she may not appear on the show ever again after some drama with production. 

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