Jenelle Evans: Pregnant?! Again?!?!

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Jenelle Evans ... well, if there's one thing we can say about her, it's that she's fertile.

Girl is only 25 years old and she's been pregnant at least five times.

Jenelle Evans' Car Selfie

For someone whose last name isn't Duggar, that's really saying something.

First there was the pregnancy featured on 16 and Pregnant, the one that resulted in her giving birth to Jace (and then promptly handing him over to her mother).

She got pregnant again when she was with Courtland Rogers, but she had an abortion. Shortly after that, she and Nathan Griffith conceived Kaiser.

Then last spring she had a miscarriage before she and David Eason conceived her third child, Ensley.

It's a lot to keep up with, right?

And now we have one more possible pregnancy to add to the pile.

Yes, even though Jenelle just gave birth to her third child less than six months ago, rumors are already spreading that she's pregnant yet again.

Does she do anything besides have unprotected sex?

Jenelle Evans Instagram Ad

The rumors have been brewing for a couple of weeks now -- they started when she shared one of her endless Instagram ads for that magical tea that will flatten any and all tummies.

But, oddly enough, Jenelle didn't show her tummy -- was she hiding something?

We do know that she snapped back into shape very quickly after giving birth to Ensley, so it's not like she's hiding anything like that.

Could it have been a baby bump?!

The next piece of evidence came yesterday, when Jenelle shared the following selfie on Snapchat:

Jenelle Evans Murica Snapchat

So cute and patriotic ... but also suspicious.

And not only just because she actually referred to the United States of America as "'Mercia."

See how her tummy looks a lot rounder than it usually does? It kind of looks like it's sitting right under her boobs.

Like it would if she had a baby bump.

Of course, it could just be a weird angle or the way she's sitting.

But it's worth noting that Jenelle has a history of being very secret and deceptive about her pregnancies.

When she was pregnant with Ensley, there were rumors for literal months before she finally confirmed it -- and she denied each and every one.

Jenelle Evans Makeup Pid

We even saw her deny the pregnancy to Teen Mom 2 producers, who'd seen footage of Jenelle and David talking about it in their car.

And when she finally did confirm the rumors, she had a very, very visible bump.

She doesn't have to announce something so personal until she's ready, obviously, but we do know that she's willing to lie about it.

That means that, even if she does deny this new round of rumors, we can't believe her for several months until either a new baby pops out or it doesn't.

Hey, at least this girl gives us something to talk about, we guess?

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