Jenelle Evans: I Was a Teenage Sex Addict!

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As you may have heard by now, Jenelle Evans has published a memoir, and in keeping with her image as the most reckless and rebellious member of the Teen Mom cast, Evans has loaded the book with revelations that seem intended to shock.

The problem with the book is that it mostly consists of entries culled from a diary Jenelle kept as a teenager.

Now, teenage diaries aren't typically known as repositories for level-headed contemplation of life's great mysteries, and Jenelle being Jenelle, her journal is far more dramatic than most.

Jenelle Evans' Car Selfie

As a result, the 25-year-old is already back-tracking on some of the wilder claims made in her memoir.

In the book, Jenelle opened up about suicidal thoughts she suffered as a teen.

This week, she revealed that she never actually contemplated taking her own life.

Also in the book, Jenelle wrote about her pill popping habit.

It turns out she was referring to one occasion in which she swallowed several decongestants in hopes of achieveing a hallucinatory state.

Jenelle Evans Book Cover

A very dangerous thing to do, and certainly something that could've had serious repercussions, but not the sort of thing that comes to mind when one hears the phrase "pill-popping habit."

“From ages 14-17 I was addicted to sex,” reads a journal entry from the memoir Read Between The Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom.

“I didn’t care who it was with or if it was unprotected until I got pregnant at 17.”

It seems Jenelle briefly believed she was experiencing some sort of extreme evolutionary imperative, and the universe was simply insisting that she pass on her crazy-ass genes.

In the book, she writes that the constant need for sex subsided after she gave birth to her first son.

Now, she doubts that she was ever addicted to sex at all, and believes she was probably just starved for affection.

Jenelle Evans, David Eason, and Ensley Jolie

“I don’t think I was really addicted to sex,” she said this week.

“I think I was addicted to love. I would do anything to keep a guy with me, so I used sex as a manipulative tool. I gave them what they wanted to get them to stay with me. I wasn’t a sex addict so much as a love junkie.”

Yet again, it seems like she could have left out some of the hyperbole, but in all likelihood, her hand was forced by a publisher looking for melodrama.

Jenelle has endured numerous hardships in her young life, and we in no way intend to dismiss her addictions and possible mental illnesses.

But perhaps publishing unedited excerpts from the teenage diary of a woman who's prone to slanderous comments, exaggeration, and flat-out lying wasn't the smartest move.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from Jenelle's wild past.

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