Farrah Abraham: An Uber Driver Almost RAPED Me!

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Farrah Abraham has made a shocking revelation: an Uber driver tried to rape her.

The allegations came during an episode of her new podcast "Farrah and Friends" during a conversation with YouTube personality Shane Dawson.

Farrah on the Reunion

The announcement seemed unplanned, as she mentioned it only as Dawson started to bring up an unrelated story about the car service.

"An Uber driver almost raped me, so I don't know about Uber," interrupted Farrah, out of nowhere and to the shock of her audience.

"I'm banned from Uber."

Farrah's on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran apparently came to her rescue during the 2 a.m. altercation, which took place in Long Island in January 2015.

“My non-boyfriend threw him in the window and almost broke his car window,” she said, describing the incident.

"The cops were called and I threw the cell phone and I was like 'I don't have a cell phone, I don't have a cell phone! And I was like 'I've had enough of this.'

“The Persian dude ran after me. The cops were like, ‘You’re harassing her’ and I was like, ‘See I told you!’ and then I went to bed.”

The story sounds horrific and scary, albeit disjointed. It seems as though there are some missing pieces that were untold. 

Oddly, Dawson was laughing during the whole retelling of the account.

Page Six reports that Uber officials are telling a different story, saying "their investigation showed that Abraham and Saran were the assessors in the incident."

Farrah then shared this video which she claims proves her story:

The company, meanwhile, denies the reality star's accusations.

According to the ride-sharing startup, the driver complained to them and as a result, Farrah was banned from using the service.

Uber also said Farrah did not report the attack to them.

“We have no record of Ms. Abraham ever reporting any incident like this,” said an Uber spokesman in response to this story.

“Her rider account was banned because an Uber driver-partner reported that a friend traveling with Ms. Abraham dumped their alcoholic drink on the front seat of the partner’s car.”

For what it's worth, Nassau County Police claim to have no record of a report on the incident, so clearly, some details are in dispute.

Farrah's accusations come on the heels of the Teen Mom OG reunion, during which she broke down while discussing her childhood abuse.

She had previously claimed her parents assaulted her when she was young.

We hope Farrah comes forward and elaborates on these new allegations. Sexual assault is a serious issue and should be addressed appropriately.

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