Blac Chyna Could Be in Legal Trouble for WHAT?!

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Right now, most of the fallout from Rob Kardashian'sĀ revenge porn extravaganza is impacting Rob himself. He made himself awful to his family and to the world, and he may suffer some serious legal consequences.

But it turns out that Blac Chyna may have gotten herself into a complicated legal situation with her Good Morning America interview -- and it might come back to bite her.

Because this whole situation wasn't already messy enough, right?

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This whole situation is, indisputably, hard on Blac Chyna.

She's having issues with her ex, Ferrari. He seems pretty sleazy.

She's getting (and it sounds like fairly) called out for hypocrisy by Pilot Jones, another ex.

But, strangely enough, what some worry might end up getting her into trouble is a simple TV interview.


Because Blac Chyna may have violated her non-disclosure agreement during her Good Morning America interview.

Blac Chyna at the Mic

What NDA, you might ask?

The one that she signed before she ever appeared onĀ Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Now, no NDA on the planet is supposed to legally enjoin people from reporting crimes or testifying about witnessing crimes.

(Not that our legal system always works out like it's supposed to)

But there's a difference between discussing something in court and going onto a news show to talk about Rob Kardashian's horrible behavior.

When ABC news reached out to Kim Kardashian, Kim's representative responded ... with a copy of the NDA that Blac Chyna signed.

That NDA includes an agreement to keep their private lives private, which doesn't exactly go hand-in-hand with discussing it on Good Morning America.

Now, that's not a declaration of intent to sue.

But it's something.

The closest thing to a warning shot that the Kardashians have fired during the past eight days, really.

Blac Chyna Selfie Alert

At the moment, we don't know that the Kardashians are willing to go after Blac Chyna for a possible breach of contract.

First of all, given the nature of what she discussed, it would look bad.

Like, really bad.

Right now, on the surface, they're pushing their products like it's business as usual.

Beneath the surface, they're apparently furiously trying to keep Rob under control.

(We're sure that the White House would love any tips to prevent emotionally volatile men from tweeting out self-incriminating rants in the wee hours of the morning)

We suspect that they'll watch how this all plays out before they make a decision.

Blac Chyna and Dream Kardashian, Smiling

Now, it's possible that the NDA doesn't apply here, for one reason or another.

You'd really need to ask a team of lawyers who've gone over the NDA.

And we suspect that Blac Chyna must have done some research, because it was days before she broke her silence in that interview.

Ultimately, if a lawsuit over NDA-violation is possible, even if public opinion is turned against Blac Chyna at that point ... we don't know that it will happen.

Blac Chyna is and will always be the mother of Kris Jenner's granddaughter.

A lawsuit under those circumstances might be kind of counterproductive from Kris' point of view, you know?

Though we could definitely see the threat of a suit being used as leverage.

So we'll all have to see how this plays out.

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