Ariel Winter: Body-Shamed by Nikki Blonsky?!

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You know how there's sort of been this trend lately where people pick on Ariel Winter for the clothes she decides to wear in public?

It's pretty strange, huh?

Ariel Winter in Glasses

Sure, it's always fun to talk about celebrity fashion, and being a little catty never hurt anyone, but it's like people have taken it to a whole different level.

Especially when it comes to Ariel.

She's a young woman with insane curves who likes to wear short shorts and crop tops and bikinis ... what's the problem?

Seriously, why isn't everyone so thankful for her wardrobe? Wouldn't this be considered a good thing by, you know, anyone?!

She's not breaking any decency laws, she's just showing off her body -- which, as a reminder, is her body to show as she pleases.

But still, if you check out her social media accounts, each and every post is full of comments calling her a "whore," insinuating that she actually is a prostitute, and worse.

It's depressing.

Ariel Winter's Cowgirl Snapchat

Ariel can't even get a break from her own co-stars now.

See, our girl here recently worked on a movie called Dog Years. It's a drama that will be released later this year, and it also stars Burt Reynolds and Nikki Blonsky?

Remember Nikki Blonsky? The girl from Hairspray?

She starred as Tracy Turnblad in the delightful movie musical in 2007, and she really was wonderful, but unfortunately she didn't get much work after that.

That seems to be changing now, which is great.

But in an interview she did with TooFab to promote the upcoming film, she made a few comments about Ariel that aren't so great.

Nikki Blonsky Photo

When asked about the criticism Ariel's been receiving, she said:

"She's so young and she's so beautiful and so talented and she's got a great body, and she should be able to wear what she wants."

"Granted, yes, there are children in the world, so cover up a little bit, but she works hard for her body."

"If she goes to the beach," Nikki continued, "and if she wants to wear a bikini and take a picture of it, I think because she's on a very famous show, people think they can say whatever they want."

"And it's gotta be hard for her," she admitted.

"But she's a strong chick and I love her. I actually think she's gonna be an awesome role model for girls who wanna live in their body and have fun."

Nikki, Nikki, Nikki ...

Nikki Blonsky Image

One issue is that while it's true that Ariel is beautiful and has a great body, that's not why she should be allowed to wear what she wants.

She should be allowed to wear anything she wants because ...

... she's an adult who isn't doing anything wrong, you know?

And there are a million other things more harmful for children to see in this world than a woman's legs in short shorts or a little bit of side boob.

A little bit of side boob never hurt nobody.

We're sure Nikki means well, and we're excited to see her make a comeback, but we're also sure that Ariel doesn't need another person telling her to cover up.

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