Ariel Winter, Thong Bikini Cozy Up to Levi Meaden

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Actress and social media standout Ariel Winter took to her Instagram yesterday to share one of her famous PDA pics with Levi Meaden.

She is not wearing a lot of clothing in it.

Ariel Winter with Levi Meaden

Yes, the 19-year-old Modern Family cast member can be seen above, kissing her boyfriend on their recent trip to Vancouver, Canada.

Who took this pic for the star, we cannot say.

What we can say is that they had quite a view, as we do now, of Ariel Winter rocking the tiniest, blue thong bikini and her new red hair.

Oh, to be behind the camera at that moment.

(Or to be Levi Meaden for that matter.)

“Had the best time in Vancouver with my babe, but also with amazing new friends. Super lucky," Winter captioned the above image.

"Also... those wreck beach stairs though!!!!!!!”

Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden Instagram Pic

As we reported earlier this month, Ariel Winter and Levi moved in together, and she told Jimmy Kimmel that there are many perks to this.

"My boyfriend and I live together, and he cooks. I can't cook at all. He takes care of all that handy stuff, he's great, he does all that."

"I can bake a pie occasionally. Pumpkin and apple," she said.

"I baked those two the other day ... they were edible."

Hey, girl has to post smoking hot selfies and respond to haters' Photoshop claims all day. She doesn't have time to spend in the kitchen.

We kid, but not really. Gotta stick to what you love (acting, yourself) and what you're good at (acting, singing, posting pictures of yourself).

Ariel Winter Short Shorts

Of course, while most of Winter's ardent fans are happy for her because she's happy, there remains a segment that's critical of Levi.

This is still the Internet, after all. Ariel's own followers have a field day picking apart photos like the one above because of blurry legs.

Legs, people. Are we really that bored and eager to knock celebs down a peg that we focus on that and not what a goddess she is?

In any case, the fact that Ariel and Levi have only been dating for seven months, and that she's 19 and he's 30, have some fans worried.

Ten years isn't that big of an age gap ... if the younger half of the couple is, say, 29. But at 19, it's enough to raise red flags for some.

Life in the spotlight forces young people to grow up more quickly, though, and for better or worse, Winter says she's up to the challenge.

Ariel Winter Curves Photo

Winter told Kimme in that same interview that her ABC cast mates have been treating her a contemporary, not a kid, for a while now:

“They definitely treat me like I'm an adult now," she said, or at least like someone who's most of the way there at this point.

"We started on the show when we were 10 or 11 years old and running around with Nerf Guns and now we’re all semi-adults.”

As for how Meaden feels about the fact that his next birthday is the big 3-0 and his girlfriend is calling herself a "semi" adult?

Maybe it gives him pause, but by all accounts, Ariel is a mature young woman, and based on these pics, we doubt he's giving her back.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga, these two aren't.

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