Ariel Winter: Back in Daisy Dukes, Now With More Cleavage!

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Remember how, last week, Ariel Winter went with her boyfriend and his family to some sort of Canadian rodeo event. There was drinking (but that's legal there) and there were good times, and Ariel got to show a lot of skin.

That's where those photos of Ariel Winter in daisy dukes came from. If you were wondering. Also the photo of her appearing to be drinking Jack Daniels.

But Ariel wasn't done showing off what a good time she was having, and shared another snap in a different outfit ... but she's still sporting daisy dukes.

Ariel Winter's Cowgirl Snapchat

So, Ariel Winter went up to Canada recently to visit Levi Meaden's family.

They were celebrating the birthday of his mother, Chris.

Ariel seemed totally enamored with his family.

Most things in Canada are pretty similar to things in the US, but a little better.

(They don't have the US' portion-sizes, which is sadly a dealbreaker)

They have single-payer healthcare, like most of the developed world.

They have a lower drinking age, though alcohol is still restricted to adults.

They apparently have their own rodeos, which we'll assume are just more polite versions of what you'd get in the Wild West.

And they have better weather -- though it clearly still gets warm enough in July to pose wearing very little clothing out in public.

Ariel Winter with Chris Meaden

To some moms, seeing their son's girlfriend dressed like that would be a nightmare.

But you know, Chris is showing a fair bit of leg herself.

(Good for her!)

And the costume fits the occasion.

Besides, it Ariel's body and she can show as much or as little of it as she likes.

And maybe Levi's family knows and accepts that.

We don't know what they might think of some other things.

Like, for example, Ariel Winter's comment about getting crabs.

Or maybe the extent of her PDA with Levi, which included Levi MeadenĀ slapping Ariel Winter's butt.

But this outfit, we guess, received at least a tacit endorsement.

Ariel Winter at Stampede

But, by all accounts, Ariel had a great time up north.

She may have even been taking advantage of the drinking age in Calgary, which is 18.

(She's 19, of course)

We're not technically sure if she was actually drinking or just wanted to strongly suggest that she was, but whatever.

America's drinking laws are pretty widely recognized as being too strict.

Plenty of states still limit liquor sales severely, and then there's that drinking age of 21.

You'd think that an adult old enough to date a guy a decade her senior would be deemed old enough to choose which liquids she drinks, but clearly that's not the case in the US.

Still, it looked like it was a good trip from the photos that we saw.

And now we're wondering if she's holding onto some more "Stampede" pics and planning to space them out.

Ariel Winter with Levi Meaden

Every time that Ariel Winter shares a photo, she's making another bold statement.

Part of that is body positivity, and part of that is about owning how much or how little of her body she's going to show.

No matter what Ariel Winter's horrible nightmare of a mother says about it.

And that's how we get so many delightful pics.

Thanks, internet!

Of course, when she shares photos in her rodeo outfits, a lot of people comment "reverse cowgirl."

You can't win them all, we guess.

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