Ariel Winter Rocks Bikini, Gets Spanked By Boyfriend

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If you follow Ariel Winter on Instagram, you're probably aware that the girl enjoys posing for the occasional selfie.

And by that we mean there are so many pics of Ariel in different poses on her page that if you scroll fast enough, it looks like a flip book cartoon about giant boobs.

When she's not taping Modern Family or attending classes at UCLA, Ariel lives in a bikini, and she thoroughly documents her adventures in swimwear because she loves the Internet and wants it to be happy.

Ariel Winter: Memorial Day Bikini

At least that's what we choose to believe.

Anyway, yesterday was Memorial Day, which signals the unofficial start of summer, which ironically, is Winter's time to shine.

When you're a globe-trotting 19-year-old millionaire, it's never not bikini season, but these days, even plebes in the more frigid parts of the country are enjoying warmer temps and sunshine.

Which means that it's time for Ariel to do triple duty.

So instead of posting just one photo from her day at the beach, Ariel posted several, including the montage below, in which she appears to be getting spanked by boyfriend Levi Meaden.

Ariel Winter Bikini Montage

There might not seem to be much going on in these pics from a political standpoint, but this is 2017 - a year in which everyone is outraged by everything at all times.

As such, Ariel took a lot of flak for captioning her racy pics, "Happy #MemorialDay."

"What has that got to do with Memorial Day? Just an excuse to get half naked,” wrote one follower.

“You look good but this is really inappropriate. Memorial Day isn’t about you,” commented another.

It seems Ariel heard their message, as she quickly followed up with another post expressing her gratitude to the troops:

Ariel Winter in a Bikini on Instagram

"Could not be more grateful to all of the men and women who risk their lives to protect ours and our freedom,” she wrote.

“We are all forever indebted to your service. Thank you.”

Her fans probably would've preferred that message first and the bikini pics after, but we guess it's a lesson learned.

Ariel will likely be more woke about her beach selfies next year,

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