Amber Portwood and Brandi Glanville: Feuding on Marriage Boot Camp?!

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Amber Portwood hasn't been in the greatest place lately.

If you've seen a recent episode of Teen Mom OG or checked out her increasingly concerning Twitter account, then you know what we're talking about.

Amber Portwood Cries

It seems like she's been having a heck of a time dumping Matt Baier, who apparently has a hundred and one tricks to weasel his way back into her life.

We've seen him insult her brother and tell cameras that he'd never marry her after she refused to a quickie Las Vegas wedding.

We know that he put himself in charge of her bank account, and that he'd been insisting on holding her driver's license for her because he was insecure that she'd leave him.

On Monday night's reunion special, she accused him of stealing over $100,000 from her.

But still, Matt always has an excuse, and those excuses made Amber agree to give their relationship one last shot by filming for a new season of Marriage Boot Camp with him.

It did not go well for many reasons.

Matt Baier with Amber

For one, when filming came to a close, she decided to dump Matt for good.

"Take all my kids pics off your dumb social media and me and you while your at it ..." she instructed him in a tweet. "Thanks have fun at whoever's house your at."

Because, as she explained, it had been only two days since she broke up with him and he was "already posting videos of Instagram of him at someone's house with 50 bottles of liqueur everywhere."

"It's on," she added.

She also tweeted "I would lawyer up sweetheart... you owe me a little bit of change. I'll pray for you."

If Amber is praying for Matt, then we'll pray for Amber -- even if he did take thousands and thousands of dollars from her, his name was on her bank account, so it doesn't sound like she'll be able to get anything back.

Portwood, Baier

But while all this drama with Matt was going on, Amber was also getting into it with someone else on the Marriage Boot Camp set.

"I need to get out of this house!!!" she tweeted recently. "Drunk bimbo with too many opinions!! This isn't going to end well when I'm done!!! Fake."

"I've literally let this house consume me and set my anger off more than I could ever imagine," she added. "I know my limits and I'm at the end!!!"

When someone told her to kick out whoever was causing so many issues with her, she replied "I can't kick this blonde jackass out lol ... I can only completely remove myself before I do something I will regret."

OK, so we don't know who this person is, but we know that she's blonde and that Amber described her as a "drunk bimbo with too many opinions."

Amber Portwood Pre-Pink Hair

Keep that in mind as we reveal this unrelated piece of news ...

Brandi Glanville will also be on the new season of Marriage Boot Camp!

She'll be bringing along her father, Guy Glanville, so they can work on some issues -- remember, Marriage Boot Camp is really playing fast and loose with their own title these days.

Brandi does enjoy drinking, she is very blonde, and she's definitely always been outspoken about her opinions.

Even though Amber appeared on her podcast back when the issues with Matt were really hitting the fan, and even though they seemed to get along, we can see them clashing.

Brandi Glanville On Hollywood Today Live

Especially in such an emotionally charged environment.

Also, when Amber made her tweets about the mysterious blonde jackass, someone replied, suggesting she was talking about Brandi.

Amber liked that tweet.

She also deleted a photo of herself and Brandi, taken when she appeared on her podcast.

Did anyone else just get really, really excited for the new season?

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