Teen Mom OG Reunion Recap: A Fiery Showdown

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In the aftermath of a chilling, confusing and dramatic season finale, last night marked the first portion of MTV's Teen Mom: OG reunion.

You know the routine: 

Once season concludes, the fab four sit down with Dr. Drew, and often their significant others, to rehash the events of recent months.

Maci Bookout on MTV

Occasionally, there is an all-out melee. More commonly, the barbs exchanged are merely verbal, though that can be explosive enough.

When the episode got underway, Dr. Drew called Maci to the stage to discuss Ryan Edwards appearing to drive while under the influence. 

Maci was quick to point out that Bentley felt "concerned" and "confused" about Ryan's addiction and what it could mean for the future. 

Dr. Drew was genuinely shocked by the footage of Ryan falling asleep while driving. 

“When I see someone nodding off in the car like that, I think opiates," he said to Maci. As if it was not bad enough that the producers showed Ryan in this state, Dr. Drew leaped to their defense. 

Maci Bookout Cries

The producers would not have let Ryan in the car. ... They found out only after the fact, just like the rest of us.”

Something tells us they could have shut it down quicker. It was downright bizarre, but it did prove Maci's suspicions. 

Mackenzie was then brought on stage to have it out with Maci for everything she had been saying about Ryan's addiction and treatment. 

Mackenzie pointed out that things were looking good for Ryan's recovery, and subsequently read out a letter she had written to Maci. 

“You had known about his problems since November. ... He could have died, and still, you said nothing.” She then accused Maci of “exploiting Ryan and his addiction on the show.”

The producers love drama, and if Maci is helping bring it, it will make sense that she would exploit Ryan's addiction to keep her storyline fresh. 

Mackenzie Standifer Wedding Pic

Dr. Drew then asked the two women to make things right because, well, it's not a food situation for either party to be in. Whether they will be able to do so, we don't know. 

When Maci's turn was up, Amber took to the stage to open up about her Matt Baier woes. When the episode was filmed, they were still living in the same house, but their relationship was in doubt. 

Dr. Drew then called up Matt to find out about the financial entanglements for them. If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you will recall that Amber accused her man of stealing money from her. 

Amber Portwood Reacts

While Matt denied all the allegations, Amber responded, "

“Where’s $60,000 dollars? Where’s $30,000? … Where’s 90 grand?"

Matt decided to make things worse, saying:

“It’s sitting in my backpack.”

Things seemed like they were ending on a happier note, with Amber saying "That’s the man I fell in love with.”

Baier and Portwood

But then Matt said they had a rough few months, and Amber went ham.

"We've had a rough couple of [expletive] years. I have! And I've stood by your side! ... You've gotta change."

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