Abby Lee Miller Reports to Prison, Maintains Innocence in Final Instagram Post

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Back in June of 2016 Abby Lee Miller was found guilty on fraud charges.

In the year since, Miller's sentencing has been delayed; she's appealed the charges against her; and she's repeatedly maintained her innocence on social media and in interviews.

Last week, Miller even had the start of her sentence delayed due to medical issues, attempting to convice the court that she needed to undergo knee surgery before she could safely do her time.

Abby Lee Miller on Season 8

But now, it looks as though Miller has delayed the inevitable as long as possible.

Earlier this afternoon, the 50-year-old turned herself in to authorities, and finally began her 1-year stint behind bars.

But in the fashion that fans have come to expect from the controversial Dance Moms star, Miller's still not going down without a fight.

Radar Online is reporting that in a now-deleted Instagram post, Miller posted a photo of what she claimed was a check in the amount of $35,719.80 that was forged with her signature.

“Today is going to be a tough day,” Miller captioned the photo, clearly alluding to the start of her prison sentence.

She added:

Abby Lee Miller, All Business

“Seems as though important facts were omitted from the case! Just wanted to let the world know – moms and girls all made money – Lots of money! #Dancemoms.”

Miller goes on to question the identity of M, M & M, the company that the check was made out to, whom she claims to be unfamiliar with.

Abby quickly deleted the post, but it seems she wasn't finished tying up loose ends and burning bridges.

She added another photo (her last post before prison) and made an elaborate claim about being ripped off by a company called Jenga Productions.

"I'm fed up with your shenanigans!" che captioned the photo below, adding:

Abby Lee Miller Instagram Post

"I paid you $30,000 plus extras for 10 songs and I only got 2 - give me my money back!!! I also want the profits to which I'm entitled! You Canceled 3 meetings with my Atty! You have had a year to make this right, time is up!"

Miller seems to believe she's making a case for her own innocence, but it's unclear how entering bad business deals with two different companies would make her not guilty of bankruptcy fraud.

The disgraced reality star stands accused of funneling money into a secret bank account in order to hide it from the government.

Maybe she's setting the stage for an elaborate argument that she was actually hiding the cash from predatory rivals?

We don't know, but whatever the case, it's too little, too late, as Miller is now sporting a county orange jumpsuit.

Abby Lee Miller Promotional Image

As for what she can expect on her first day as an inmate, sources say the fun starts the second she steps through the gates:

“They will have her go into the bathroom, disrobe and stand over a brown sheet,” a former inmate tells Radar.

“She will have to then squat and cough. She will then put her hands together and squat. Then they ask her to open her mouth and shake her hair out," the ex-con says.

"She will have to lift up each breast to show them she is not concealing anything! Everyone has to go through it, and it is incredibly degrading!”

Well, Miller's been degrading other people for years, so she should be familiar with that routine.

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