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Abby Lee Miller’s sentencing will be dragged out a little longer. 

The Dance Moms star pled guilty to bankruptcy fraud in June, but it seems like she’s doing everything in her power to evade going to jail. 

Abby was meant to remain in the country, but she managed to cut a deal to on multiple vacations before her sentencing. 

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Yes, she went on at least TEN getaways this summer. Maybe she knows she could be going away for a long time. 

There were some reports saying she could spend 24-30 months behind bars, but her attorneys are trying to find a way for Miller to spend just six months inside. 

Abby will probably be struggling to adjust to the fact that she’s going away. 

Being a prominent reality TV star, it probably makes her even more nervous. 

Things will either go really well on the inside, or really bad. 

That’s even if she gets time in jail. 

If she somehow manages to escape jail, the below GIF would probably sum up her reaction. 

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The star will be recognized by other inmates, but she might only serve a fraction of her sentence. 

That seems to be the craze with celebrities when they get sent down. 

Her sentencing was meant to take place on October 11, but it has now been delayed all the way to December 2. 

There’s a good chance there will be more delays down the line. 

It’s delay after delay with this case. 

It’s getting a bit ridiculous that it’s still ongoing. 

If you watch Dance Moms online, you’ll know that Abby is not known for being the nicest person. 

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She’s very brutal with her feedback and it has caused multiple arguments throughout the show. 

We have no idea what the heck Lifetime are going to do if Abby really goes to jail. 

The network will be worried that they’ll lose one of their top shows. 

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If her stint in the slammer is short, they could use the prison stay as a storyline on the show. 

It would be a ratings bonanza for the network that has so few hits. 

Granted, it would take away from the current formula of the show. 

Miller took to Twitter earlier this week to promote the new season of her reality show. 

She also made it clear she didn’t get to see the show until it aired. 

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It’s hard to imagine Abby not having a lot of input into the editing process. 

Then again, she isn’t exactly perceived in the best light. 

If there was no drama, there would be no show. 

Abby arguing with the moms on the show has got to be the best part. 

She really has no filter when people talk smack about her.

What do you think will happen?

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