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Coming soon to Lifetime … Dance Moms: Prison Edition?!

Abby Lee Miller At The 2016 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

Abby Lee Miller finally pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud in a Pennsylvania federal courtroom on Monday, June 27. 

For those of you who watch Dance Moms online, it probably comes as little surprise that she Miller pleaded guilty

For far too long she’s been on a power trip on the show, and it appears that karma is finally catching up to her. 

For all of you who aren’t privy to the details, Abby Lee was allegedly hiding income and concealing assets after filing for bankruptcy in 2010. 

The reality star apparently set up a hidden bank account.

In it, she hid payments of more than $755,000 that she made from TV show appearances, merchandise and dance lessons at her studio. 

This isn’t just a little white lie. It’s a mammoth lie.

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For anyone, $755,000 is A LOT of money.

When you add in concealing assets, it’s clear the star has been very naughty. 

Just last November, Miller pleaded not guilty to the charges, but all of that changed recently when she made a deal to plead guilty.

She will be convicted on one count of concealing assets and one count of not reporting an international transaction. 

That’s a far cry from the 20 charges that were originally given to the star. 

The international transaction in question involved Miller smuggling more than $120,000 into the U.S. from Australia. 

She now faces 24-30 months in prison, but it seems that her attorneys are seeking a maximum sentence of just 6 months. 

That’s pretty lenient considering she admitted to fraud, right?!

Miller addressed her guilty plea with a statement Monday that read:

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“Events over the past several months have been extremely challenging for me, my family, my friends and most important, my students."

"Because of this I made the very difficult decision to close the door on this chapter of my life by accepting responsibility for mistakes I have made along the way.”

Her sentencing will take place on October 11.

It’s unclear what the charges mean for the future of her reality series. 

What do you think about all of it?

Should Dance Moms continue on without Abby Lee Miller?

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