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The Real Housewives of Orange County is coming back, and even just the preview is not only showing drama but also stirring it up within the show’s fandom.

You see, Shannon Beador made some accusations towards Vicki Gunvalson, and fans are up-in-arms about it.

Real Housewives Cast

What caused fans to tweet their ire at Shannon was her frustrated complaints during the Real Housewives of Orange County season 12 preview

“This is stress,” she exclaims, referring to her midsection while complaining of her weight gain.

“And that is Vicki Gunvalson!”

Yes, apparently Vicki is making her fat, somehow.

Not by feeding her while she sleeps or swapping out all of her food for tastier treats, but by causing her stress.

Shannon Beador Out For Blood

The accusation that Vicki Gunvalson is somehow the culprit behind Shannon Beador’s weight gain is, of course, absurd.

Unless, like, Vicki Gunvalson is a witch who’s cursed Shannon to gain weight.

But, as we all know, the only Real Housewife who is also magical is Eileen Davidson, and she only uses her ice sorcery for good.

With the exception of certain sabotaging moves and, in some cases, parents impacting their children, other people can’t make you fat.

Weight gain comes from diet, exercise, genetics, wellness, lifestyle, and a few other factors (like pregnancy or certain glandular disorders).

This is not Salem in the 1600s and you do not get to announce that Goody Proctor is forcing changes upon your body just because you don’t like them.

And fans of the show know that, and were incensed enough to make their feelings known on Twitter.

Vicki Gunvalson Red Carpet Picture

“Blaming someone else for your weight gain really?!” one exclaimed in a tweet directed at Shannon.

Another straight up called her out on being immature.

“I don’t understand why you blame your weight gain over Vicki.. it’s childish.”

In her defense, it’s hard to imagine her being on the show if she were emotionally mature and well-adjusted.

At least one fan tweeted an alternative theory and really went for the jugular.

“Your weight gain isn’t because of Vicki – it’s called….MENOPAUSE!”


Did Shannon have her sympathizers? Of course.

And it is really and truly difficult to find yourself suddenly gaining weight.

It’s easy to look for someone to blame.

(Just as it’s easy to place the blame anywhere but the vodka bottle)

But weight gain is as complicated as the human body itself, and finding some external target isn’t going to help you address whatever the problem is.

If she’s really, genuinely that concerned about stress, she should just leave the show.