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This photo of baby Dream that Rob Kardashian posted is too cute for words. Dream herself is too cute for words.

But, based on his caption, some are wondering if Rob is deliberately making racially offensive comments about baby-momma Blac Chyna … and about his daughter.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Rob Kardashian got in trouble for a photo of Dream. …

Dream Kardashian, Watermelon Baby
Photo via Instagram

But first, just, can we talk about Dream?

Look at that photo that Rob posted!

Because she’s, well, such a dream.

In 15 years she might be the one competing with Kylie Jenner’s makeup business, to the frustration of then-aging Kylie.

Or maybe she’ll model like her aunt Kendall.

Or just sort of criticize the choices of her family members and get accused of stealing from small designers like her aunt Khloe. There’s no telling.

For now, though, she’s just unspeakably adorable and we can never get enough of this precious child.

A few trolls in the comments pointed out the rolls on her arms and legs, not understanding that babies are literally supposed to have those.

Dream in a Bikini
Photo via Instagram

Now, here comes the problem with this photo: the caption.

"My watermelon baby haha I love HER."

That’s followed by two watermelon emojis, some face emojis showing a range of happiness, love, and emotional tears, and then eleven more watermelon emojis.

Now, I wasn’t aware of this stereotype until I was an adult, but one of the many gross stereotypes that American culture has about black people is the association with watermelons.

(Maybe my ignorance of that is because I’m from the South — everybody eats watermelon; I eventually learned about stereotypes from watching Dave Chappelle)

But large swathes of America are aware of this association. It’s silly, but it’s there.

And Dream, like Blac Chyna, is black.

We can all see why this could be problematic.

Is it possible that Rob Kardashian is poking fun at his daughter’s race?

Dream Kardashian at Disney
Photo via Instagram

But … this is Rob that we’re talking about.

Rob spent years as a virtual hermit.

(Well, he was living in Khloe’s house, but still)

His relationship with Blac Chyna brought him back into the world.

He’s even appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians again since then, which some people thought would never happen.

But, bless his heart, he can be kind of clueless, you know?

He once used the eggplant emoji when talking about visiting his mom.

As it turned out, Kris Jenner was making literal eggplant soup, but oh boy is that not what the eggplant emoji means.

Blac Chyna and Dream Kardashian, Smiling
Photo via Instagram

More to the point, Rob and Blac Chyna might have their issues (though they’re back to hooking up), but he’s crazy about Dream.

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna, and Dream went on a Disney trip for Father’s Day, which was absolutely adorable.

(Even though Minnie Mouse got a little flirty with Rob)

Rob’s done gross things before, like boning his sister’s lookalike.

But he absolutely loves his daughter, and we can’t see him intentionally poking fun at anything about her.

He’s a loving father who would probably do just about anything for that little cutie.

He’s just, you know … a little dumb.