Little People, Big World Recap: Hmmm.... Let's C?

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If you have a large head going through a tiny hole, it could be painful.

So said Zach Roloff on Tuesday night's episode of Little People, Big World in regard to his wife, his impending child and the options he and Tori Roloff were weighing in regard to bringing their baby into this world.

Ultrasound Time!

To translate Zach's profound, possible over-share:

Don't get surgery, honey. Go with a vaginal birth!

Titled "This Is Going to Be a Stressful Time," the latest installment of this popular TLC series focused for the second straight week on Zach and Tori's soon-to-be-parenthood.

Last Tuesday, we learned that little Jackson Kyle (who was born on May 12) does, indeed, have the gene for dwarfism.

This week, once that piece of news had sunk in, the concern centered instead of Tori's actual pregnancy and how it would be resolved.

“It’s almost time for this baby to come out,” Zach said in an on-camera interview, adding that the anticipation is killing him and that he's ready.

"Our room is all set, our house is set. We’re definitely to the point where we just want to meet him."

Tori Roloff on Air

Later on, when Zach takes a seat in his chair to set up a baby carrier, his wife forecasts a potential photo opportunity once their first child is born.

“This is literally going to be the picture,” Tori says. “Just you two, staring at each other."

We're yet to get that particular photo, but the Roloffs have been kind enough to provide fans with ample images of their adorable child.

Take a look for yourself before we continue on with the recap:

After spending some time talking about the high-tech devices they have for their son, Zach and Tori then got into their birth plan.

Things turned more serious for this discussion because it was a matter of health.

“Doctors appointment coming up,” Zach said, asking: “Do we have to decide about either natural birth or C-section at this appointment?”

“It’s never going to be a final decision," Tori replied, clearly torn on what to do.

This was the context in which Zach said it was "preferable "to have a natural birth," explaining why via the quote above:

"If you have a large head going through a tiny hole, it could be painful.”

Tori, of course, was the one who would be going through either experience, explaining that the prospect of going under the knife to welcome her child frightened her.

“Cesarian has never really come into my mindset,” she said. "It’s just nerve-wracking being on an operating table. I’ve never been on an operating table before."

Zach Roloff on Air

After an ongoing back-and-forth about the potential surgery, Tori declared:

"Women are so much stronger than men, holy smokes.”

This is true. It's a fact. Any man that disagrees simply has to stand alongside a woman during childbirth.

Just accept it, fellas.

Zach and Tori Roloff Photo

Elsewhere on last night's episode, Jeremy and Audrey also set an eye on their future, finalizing their dream home's purchase.

As previously reported, this home is located close to the family farm in Oregon.

Also, Amy and Matt prepared to become grandparents in their own unique and special ways.

Meaning what, exactly?

Click on the video below to watch Little People, Big World online and find out now!

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