Kim Zolciak to Brielle Biermann: No! Don't Tweet That!

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It looks like another mother-daughter struggle is being waged on Twitter!

This is hardly the first time that Kim Zolciak has posted about her daughter Brielle Biermann on social media. She's jokingly offered up Brielle's sexual services and she's also tweeted that Brielle was grounded (admittedly at slightly different points in Brielle's life, thank goodness). 

This time, she's posting about what Brielle should not be tweeting.

Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann

It starts with Brielle's own tweet:

"My brother just hit me n busted my lip open.... does that mean my injections r going to leak out serious question lmao help"

Before you freak out about Brielle having an abusive home life, her brothers are all way, way younger than she is. Her oldest brother is Kroy Jr,

And he's, what, six?

Little kids have no idea how to operate their tiny flesh prisons, and will flex their arms or kick their legs and accidentally strike a family member.

That's just part of being little and having a body.

Just the other day, I read a tweet about a woman whose 3-year-old had just accidentally hit her in the face.

She joked that the most unrealistic thing about Superman's story was that he didn't accidentally kill the Kents as a toddler.

As for the part about her lip filler injections, like ... we're no plastic surgeons so we really don't know.

But good for her for not being shy about it.

Kim Zolciak and Brielle

Kim replied to her daughter's tweet by quoting it on Twitter:

"Like how do you think this ok to tweet? #DingDong"

That hashtag has some people stumped.

Most of us think of the sound of a bell.

Or, you know, a doorbell.

Well, really most of us see "ding dong" and think of "Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead" from The Wizard of Oz.

But we think that Kim is just affectionately calling her daughter a ding-dong.

("You're a ding-dong" essentially just meaning "you're a f--king idiot")

Honestly, when you're talking about parents talking to adult children, this can be a totally healthy way for people to communicate.

We have to say that if Kim genuinely didn't want people to see it ... quoting it on her own account was probably not the best move.

It's almost like she just wanted a little internet attention.

Can you imagine?

Brielle Biermann's Casual Look

Brielle so often emulates her mother's style.

Her hair, how she does her makeup, how she poses with her lips. ...

(And how she gets a little help with her lips)

It can have the effect of making this young woman look a little older than she is.

But Brielle is still just 20 years old.

She's going to post maybe more bikini photos than are strictly necessary, even to promote her brand and keep those Instagram endorsement deals rolling in.

(Though her bikini pics are of course always welcome)

She's going to do some goofy stuff that makes her mom roll her eyes.

She's going to pose for tons of photos with her unnecessarily attractive boyfriend.

Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech

And yes, she's going to tweet some things that maybe go against her mother's better judgment.

That's part of being 20.

Honestly, we're not even sure that we agree with Kim that this was a mistake to tweet.

(Well, we're not even sure if Kim really felt that way, but that's another story)

That's such a normal thing to happen when we're talking about little kids.

It's also absolutely no secret that Brielle's lips didn't get that way on their own.

Being up-front and honest about cosmetic procedures can honestly earn you some points with fans.

It's refreshing.

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