Jenelle Evans GOES OFF on Instagram Troll: Did She Take it Too Far?

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A vicious commenter trolled a photo that Jenelle Evans had taken of fiance David Eason and their daughter, Ensley.

Well, just as the troll had doubtless hoped, Jenelle Evans went off.

And she definitely went way, way too far.

Jenelle Evans' Car Selfie

So, a troll -- because everyone gets trolls, but especially celebrities -- decided to get under Jenelle Evans' skin.

By going after David Eason.

Jenelle posted this photo on Instagram, of David Eason with their baby daughter Ensley.

You can't go wrong with a sleepy dad who's dozed off with his baby safely cradled in his arms, right?

Except that trolls can ruin even the sweetest things.

David Eason with Ensley

A troll decided to ignore the cuteness and zero right in on a perceived flaw.

"Does he have aids whats up with his hand?"

That is such a vile thing to say.

And, obviously, massively betrays the commenter's ignorance.

Kaposi's sarcoma is colloquially referred to as an "AIDS spot," harkening back to the fear and lack of information during the AIDS crisis.

Of course, some of that still persists today.

KS manifests on the skin as purple or dark lesions, and it's a kind of cancer that people with untreated HIV can contract.

It looks ... nothing like David Eason's skin.

David Eason has vitiligo.

Jenelle Evans Makeup Pid

No, "vitiligo" isn't that actor from Heroes and This Is Us.

It's a skin condition where melanin is lost from the skin in conspicuous blotches.

You've probably seen models with vitiligo -- it's a unique and eye-catching look, though many who have it are still very self-conscious.

We know that this will just shock you, but Jenelle Evans' response got a little heated.

But she starts off doing well.

"It's called vitiligo you f--king idiot. It's a loss of pigment in your skin. People are models these days for it."

That's such a good start! Sure, a little insulting, but that's fair as a proportionate response, right?

Then she goes on.

Jenelle Evans Book Cover

"You need to research STDs if you don't know wtf AIDS does to you.... and def don't do that s--t to your skin like that."

It does make sense that Jenelle would have done her research.

She's opened up in the past about her struggles with heroin abuse, and there's always the risk of a contaminated syringe giving addicts HIV.

We can't imagine that she didn't get herself tested and read up on it.

If only she'd stopped right there.

Unfortunately, as only Jenelle Evans can, she completely ruins it by coming across as every bit as cruel and ignorant as the troll.

"Maybe you're the one with AIDS and don't even know cuz your [sic] as dumb as a box of rocks my friend."

What. The. Hell.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Selfie

To be clear, anyone old enough to use a smartphone who can't search "David Eason skin condition" can be fairly characterized as being as dumb as a box of anything.

It's the AIDS thing.

Having AIDS isn't some insult for people (and especially straight people) to bandy back and forth for funzies.

It wasn't just totally unwarranted, it completely undermined everything that Jenelle had just been saying.

Except for, like, defining vitiligo.

We'd say that we expected better from Jenelle Evans but ... that would, unfortunately, be a lie.

Be better, girl.

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