Jennifer Del Rio: Pregnant! With Baby #4! At Age 23!

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Jennifer Del Rio has an announcement to make.

Considering her history, it shouldn't exactly come as a surprise.

But that doesn't make the following piece of news any less exciting:

Jennifer Del Rio

The former 16 and Pregnant star is pregnant!!!!!!

Del Rio confirmed her expecting state via a video that we've posted below.

It features the 23-year oldĀ gathering members of her immediate family together and telling the world that "number-four is on the way."

She says these special words while fighting back tears, as you can see here:

Del Rio is one of the more notorious members of the original 16 and Pregnant cast.

She actually made headlines a decade ago, prior to her episode even airing on MTV, when TMZ reported that the then-17-year-old slugged her twins' baby daddy, Josh Smith, in the face.

In a statement to authorities, Smith explained how he was attempting to end things for good with Del Rio when she became "irate" and "punched him in the face and pulled on his shirt."

Smith said at the time that he eventually pushed Jennifer away in self-defense.

In November of 2006, Smith was arrested back for allegedly attacking Del Rio and was ordered to complete a domestic violence program.

Thankfully, Jennifer has moved far on from this contentious relationship.

Jennifer Del Rio Pregnancy Result

These days, the ex-reality is happily married to Luis Guiterrez.

They exchanged vows in 2013 and have one son together, a three-year old named Sebastian Guiterrez.

As previously mentioned, she also has twin boys with her ex, six-year olds named Joshua Devan Jr. and Noah Matthew.

In the clip above, Jennifer tells her parents about her impending fourth child, while she also gives fans a glimpse into her life at home with three kids and a husband.

At one point, the expecting mother places an actual bun in the oven and tells her mom search the kitchen to find it.

Although it takes her a few moments to figure out it means, she eventually reacts by shouting:

"You're having a baby?!? Come here! Congratulations mama!"

"I'm so excited, it's nuts!" Jennifer says in response.

Jennifer Del Rio Family Photo

We send our best wishes to Del Rio, her husband and all of her family members.

It's gonna be a crazy few years ahead, with all of these young kids running, crawling and crying around.

But if JenniferĀ is happy, we're happy.

We hope she has a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby boy or girl.

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