Amber Portwood: I Dumped Matt Baier When I Caught Him Talking Trash!

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It's official: After years of putting up with some of the worst douche-baggery in the storied history of the Teen Mom franchise, Amber Portwood has finally dumped Matt Baier.

Portwood has confirmed the split in a number of Instagram livestreams (which seems to be her preferred method of communicating with fans these days), but there's still some confusion as to what led her to finally kick Baier to the curb.

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It's a tough question, as there were many, many valid reasons for Portwood to call off the wedding and send Matt's freeloading ass back to Boston.

Matt was basically caught cheating on Amber when he failed a lie detactor test loaded with questions about his alleged infidelity.

Shortly thereafter, Portwood learned that Baier was off the wagon, despite his frequent claims that he'd been sober for the past several years.

But it seems even that wasn't the largest brick in the load, as James "Lordy Jim" Comey would say.

No, the real straw that broke the camel's back was revealed by Amber last night during yet another live session on the 'Gram:

Matt Baier with Amber

It seems that, like the rest of the Teen Mom-viewing world, Amber watched the show this season and was appalled by what a D-bag her fiance is:

“It shocked me how he said those things behind my back and I didn’t know,” she told her followers last night.

“He’s such a good person to me sometimes, but when I saw what he was saying behind my back it shocked me and opened my eyes.”

It seems Amber is specifically talking about the ugly scene that took place in Vegas when Baier told producers he would "never" marry Portwood, ironically because she refused to tie the knot right then and there.

Of course, Matt was so douchey so often this season that Amber could've been talking about a number of different incidents.

Amber Portwood: Pissed at Matt Baier

The important thing is that she's extricated herself from a truly horrendous situation.

We think.

Matt is reportedly trying to worm his way back into her life, and Amber isn't known for her stellar decision-making skills.

Watch Teen Mom online to remind yourself of just how mistake-prone the mother of one truly is.

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