Leslie Jones: The Ritz-Carlton Hates Black People!

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Leslie Jones has made a name for herself on Saturday Night Live by being loud and outspoken.

But it's pretty clear at this point that such a persona is not an act.

Leslie Jones as Host

The comedian, who hosted the BET Awards on Saturday night and who has made her attraction to John Mayer VERY well known over the years, took to Twitter on Monday and went after one of the most popular hotels in Los Angeles.

"Wow was such a great night at the BET awards," the 49-year old wrote to her 600,000 Twitter followers on Monday afternoon.

Unfortunately, Jones' evening ended on a negative note, as she had "THE WORST STAY" ever at the luxury hotel, she added, writing in all capital and very accusatory letters:


Wow. Well... okay then!

We had no idea George W. Bush ran The Ritz-Carlton.

(That's a Kanye West-inspired joke from the rapper's Hurricane Katrina telethon appearance way back in 2005.)

ritz sucks

It's unclear what prompted this outburst from Jones.

She didn't elaborate on her controversial viewpoint and has gone Twitter silent ever since sharing it with the virtual world.

To the chain's credit, however, a customer service rep replied to Jones pretty quickly, Tweeting on Monday:

"We're very sorry to hear this. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all. Please DM us & we'll look into this right away."

Perhaps Jones did direct message the hotel. We can't say for certain.

We just know she hasn't mentioned anything to the public about what incident led her to make such a strong statement in the first place.

Leslie Jones on Stage

And until that public hears otherwise, it appears as if many fans of the star's are organizing a boycott of the Ritz-Carlton.

Or at least joking about taking such action against the property.

"This is an easy boycott cause I can’t afford the ritz,” joked one fan about the swanky hotel, where a regular summer Sunday night room rate at the Los Angeles venue ranges from $489 all the way up to $2,500 for a top-notch executive suite.

The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles is near the Microsoft Theater, where the BET Awards were held.

Jones, meanwhile, returned to Twitter in September after a brief hiatus because some idiot hacker broke into her account and released a number of naked photos.

Leslie Jones at the BET Awards

"Thanks to my fans and friends! I'm soooooo ok really," she wrote at the time, adding:

"And I will always be funny been through a lot in my life and I ALWAYS GET BACK UP!"

Jones has also made it clear in the past that she has no problem standing up to trolls.

So, overall, we have no idea what transpired over the weekend at the Ritz-Carlton.

All we know is that we'd never want to get on the bad side of Leslie Jones.

Good luck with that, hotel staff members and executives.

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