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Iskra Lawrence is an absolutely stunning plus-size model, and she’s taken to Instagram to share the recipe for her favorite breakfast.

Complete with a photo of it, and her, of course.

You’ll have to tear your eyes off of her gorgeous form to actually see the food, by the way.

Iskra Lawrence with Avacado Toast
Photo via Instagram

For the millionth time, it’s so weird to us that our society categorizes Iskra Lawrence as "plus-size."

Not because she’s beautiful, because women of all sizes are beautiful, but because she doesn’t seem that "plus." At all.

Models have a weird assumed default size, basically.

That’s another great look, to be sure, but maybe Kendall Jenner with her hot pics should be categorized as "minus-size."

Just something to think about.

Iskra Lawrence Showering
Photo via Instagram

Anyway, Iskra is a total sweetheart and didn’t just heartlessly show off her food in a modern day Torment of Tantalus.

In her instagram captions, she shared the entire recipe:

-fry or poach an egg

-toast two pieces of sourdough bread ("use whatever bread you’d like that’s just my fave")

-instead of butter etc she uses coconut oil

-then mash up a whole or half an avocado (depending on how hungry she is)

-squeeze some 1/4 lime or lemon juice into the avocado

-spread it on top of the toast and sprinkle salt and pepper and pine nuts

-when she has tomatoes she likes to cut up a few and add those

Iskra Lawrence Mirror Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Just to clarify, the photo shows that the egg goes on top of the avocado spread.

Admittedly, it’s a little elaborate, especially for breakfast.

Who actually has time to sit down and eat breakfast every morning?

How did people not run out of time when they were, like, nine?

But if you do have time, this looks amazing.

Not the tomatoes part, of course — we love ourselves — but the rest. The tomatoes were almost an afterthought anyway.

All of the joy of eating guacamole without the sudden realization that you’ve devoured two bags of chips and one of your fingers.

Iskra in Neon Orange
Photo via Instagram

Obviously, Iskra’s heartless for promoting this — doesn’t she know that Millennials will never own homes if they keep eating avocado on toast?

We joke, of course, since we apparently have more basic math skills than a certain Australian millionaire.

But in all seriousness, that sounds absolutely delicious, and we’ll have to try it … with a few modifications for taste.

Would anyone else totally watch an Iskra Lawrence cooking show? Just a thought.