Chelsea Houska: Here's How I'm Failing as a Parent!

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There are some Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 stars who can't help but rub you the wrong way.

But you know what? Chelsea Houska can be kind of charming.

Even when she's talking about her screw-ups as a parent.

Chelsea on MTV

You can blog basically any part of your life.

A lot of people liveblog political events, TV shows, or conversations they overhear in restaurants.

A lot of parents blog about being parents, though some, like that Daddy Blogger who leashes his daughter, probably shouldn't.

But we don't mind it so much when their "parenting fails" are more run-of-the-mill, you know?

Reality personality and noted baby fever experiencer Chelsea Houska has been taking to Twitter to share some of her mistakes.

Chelsea Houska Smiling

Her most recent "parenting fail" that she's shared on Twitter is mostly just about a ... let's call it a "chemical interaction."

No, not the dangerous kind.

Just messy.

"Fresh spray tan + drooling baby = disaster"

Babies are so adorable, but they sure do produce a lot of what we'll tastefully refer to as "substances."

Honestly, drool is the least offensive of those.

Honestly, that's a tip to young moms. You might know to not go out in the rain with fresh spray tan, but you might not think fo the effect that your baby could have.

Chelsea Houska and Baby Bump Pic

Just a few weeks earlier, she'd shared another of her "parenting fails," though this time she wasn't the one most impacted.

"Starting this morning off with a mom fail. Totally slept through my alarm and Aubree is late for school. Is it summer vacation yet?!"

First of all, sleeping through your alarm is the most normal thing in the world.

It sucks when you're a student, it's worse when it makes you late for work, but it's extra bad when you're a parent letting down your kid.

Anybody can sleep through an alarm, and if it's the parent's fault that the kid's late, your kid really doesn't have anything to worry about unless it's happening all of the time.

It's worth noting that they make all sorts of creative alarms now that make oversleeping next to impossible. Like, mats that let out wailing noises until you stand on them with both feet.

It's a little extra, as the youths say, but it could be worth it if it's a recurring problem.

C. Houska

There's a popular Tumblr post in which the blogger muses about why there's no show call "Teen Dad" or "16 & Got A Girl Pregnant."

The blogger then concludes that a show about a teenage boy sitting around playing video games and hanging out with his friends wouldn't really hook viewers.

It's the sad reality that childcare is too often left to women, even when they themselves aren't yet adults.

It's even sadder when you realize that so many teenage mothers are impregnated by not-so-teen fathers.


So it's probably nice for pregnant teens to see that someone who was once in their situation is now leading a "normal" life.

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