Chelsea Houska: ALL The Adorable Photos of Her New Baby!

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The Pride of South Dakota, Chelsea Houska, was already the undisputed winner of The Best Teen Mom of All The Teen Moms award.

Then she gave birth to her second child, a little boy she named Watson Cole DeBoer, and further left all of her competition in shambles.

Watson has just been in this world for a handful of days, but he's clearly already so very loved by his family ... and so very cute, too!

Seriously. All babies are magical and special, but not all are full-on cute in the newborn phase. That's just a fact ... but Watson really is!

Chelsea, her amazing husband, Cole, and her also amazing parents, Randy and Mary, have been sharing some photos of that tiny little baby.

We've got every last one of them for you below, because how could we not?! We had to appreciate each one, and we know you will too.

1. The Introduction!

The Introduction!
This unbearably adorable photo right here was the first one Chelsea and Cole shared of their darling little boy. Too cute!


Well, technically this was the first picture Chelsea and Cole shared ... can you even stand those little wrinkly fingers?!

3. Proud Big Sister!

Proud Big Sister!
Chelsea's older child, Aubree, holds baby Watson so tenderly. Are your ovaries acting up, too?

4. Cozy Baby!

Cozy Baby!
Chelsea shared this photo on Snapchat after she brought Watson home ... look how handsome!

5. Baby in a Swing!

Baby in a Swing!
Chelsea's really been doing an incredible service for all of us by sharing these pictures, hasn't she?

6. Aubree Loves Watson!

Aubree Loves Watson!
It's very clear that Aubree is excited about her little brother. And we can't blame her ... we'd be excited over such a sweet little baby too!

7. Seriously, Aubree Loves This Kid

Seriously, Aubree Loves This Kid
It looks like she can't let go of him, doesn't it? There's a reason why this is one of the cutest families around!

8. Randy Houska Shows Some Love

Randy Houska Shows Some Love
Chelsea's wonderful father, Randy Houska, has been lending a hand in cuddling this little newborn, too.

9. Cousin Love

Cousin Love
Randy also revealed that Watson isn't the only new baby in the family. The baby on the left is Miles, Watson's cousin who was born just three weeks ago!

10. Family Snuggles

Family Snuggles
In this sweet little photo, Chelsea's mother, Mary, holds Watson while Aubree supervises.

11. Family Snuggles Part Two

Family Snuggles Part Two
Randy took this selfie of his grandkids, and in the caption he revealed that Aubree "won't share" Watson.

12. Best Big Sister?

Best Big Sister?
For real, have you ever seen a seven-year-old be more loving and attentive to a new sibling?

13. The Cuteness is REAL

The Cuteness is REAL
Look at this baby. Just look at him. Great job, Chelsea and Cole!

14. Watson

Cole DeBoer, Chelsea Houska's husband, posted this adorable pic of their baby son Watson on February 1. AWWW!

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