Brandi Glanville to Eddie Cibrian: Happy Father's Day, You Suck!

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Sometimes when you dislike another person very, very strongly, you're still able to put aside your feelings on occasion to be the bigger person.

If that's you, then congrats -- but Brandi Glanville is not that person.

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Which, honestly, is pretty fair: she actually dislikes two people very, very strongly, and she has good reason for it.

Her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, cheated on her with multiple women, and he ended up leaving her for one of them.

That woman, LeAnn Rimes, proceeded to rub her relationship with Eddie in her face at each and every turn, and to this day, they still don't get along.

Hey, you don't have to like everyone, and it makes sense that Brandi doesn't like them.

And if her most recent story is true, she has a good reason for not even pretending.

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As Brandi tells it, LeAnn has been stalking her and her boyfriend's social media accounts, and when she saw that they had plans to go to a specific restaurant, she made sure to bring Eddie along.

She also brought Brandi and Eddie's two sons, because they were celebrating Stepmother's Day together.

Eddie says that Brandi's lying, that they had reservations for days and that they only looked at Brandi's boyfriend's Snapchat to see if she'd posted anything embarrassing about them.

But Brandi insists that LeAnn is just trying to still her whole entire life.

Like she has been for the past eight years.

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So you see where things are bad for them, right? Possibly the worst it's ever been

And that's why Brandi thought it was acceptable to tweet the following message on yesterday, Father's Day:

"Happy Father's Day @EddieCibrian you may not have been the best husband but you're much better father enjoy your day."

Beautiful, right?

Unfortunately, many of Brandi's followers didn't think so.

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"LuvĀ u Brandi, but seriously??? Was this necessary? Why even bother then?" one person asked.

Another advised her to "Just be civil and make it all about the kids. That little dig about being a bad husband is uncalled for."

Others applauded Brandi for even wishing him a happy Father's Day at all, with the way he's been treating her lately.

As those people pointed out, Eddie didn't say a word about her on Mother's Day, so for her to reach out to him, even with this shady remark, is sweet.

But while he may not have gotten too much love from the woman who made him a father, LeAnn still managed to pump him up on social media.

Leann Rimes, Eddie Cibrin Pic

"Happy Father's Day to my beautiful husband," she wrote on Twitter. "I am so proud of you and the father you choose to show up as on a daily basis."

"Watching you mold their world into a safe haven of joy and providing them with a solid foundation of healthy boundaries and deep connections makes my heart flood with great appreciation and true LovE."

"I LovE you," she finished, "WE love you so very much."

A short message about Father's Day requires talk of "healthy boundaries?"

Yeah, don't think we don't see that Brandi shade, LeAnn.

Eddie and LeAnn's side of the story is that Brandi is a drunken mess who doesn't understand boundaries and what's appropriate in co-parenting, so this is a nice little dig.

Looks like the new chapter in this feud isn't ending anytime soon.

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