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The Bachelorette spoilers have once again rocked Bachelor Nation to its core, this time with a twist that makes us question everything.

Each season, without fail, The Bachelorette spoilers emerge before the season ends. In some cases, before it even begins.

This year was no exception. However …

Rachel The Bachelorette
Photo via ABC

Just as The Man, The Myth, The Bachelorette Spoilers legend known as Reality Steve guaranteed his prediction correct … it was not.

It was not. It was wrong.

Now, we’re told that a different man emerges to win the final rose from Rachel Lindsay, not the frontrunner we initially expected.

How could this be?!

"After looking into it deeper, this time it turns out to be right," said Steve of those who told him his original spoilers were off the mark.

Give him credit for owning it, and for posting what he claims is correct information now, still an eternity away from the season finale.

"Unfortunately, without compromising sources, I can’t give you specifics" of why he failed, he says, but he insists he’s right now.

Rachel Lindsay with Roses
Photo via ABC

As the Oracle of Bachelorette spoilers notes, there’s no point in swearing he’s absolutely, completely positive, or 100 percent sure of it.

That’s what he said before, TBF.

What we originally thought were Rachel’s final three turned out to be accurate, but it’s a change at the end that has changed everything. 

Let’s break down her (still accurate) final four and then get down to the business of who Rachel picks vs. who we thought she picked. 

Dean, 26
Photo via ABC

1. Dean Unglert (above). This contender is a startup recruiter who we’re told has his mother’s initials tattooed on his chest.

Will he add "RL" ink next?!

Bryan, 37
Photo via ABC

2. Bryan Abasolo (above).

Dr. Bryan, as he is sometimes referred to by his legion of admirers, is a 37-year-old chiropractor who has spoken Spanish since childhood.

Talk about a cool skill set.

As Rachel’s first impression rose winner, he would be the third straight recipient of that early honor to make the winner’s circle.

IF he makes it there.

Eric, 29
Photo via ABC

3. Eric Bigger (above). This personal trainer considers himself to be kind of a neat freak, but we all have our quirks, and he makes up for it.

BIG(ger) time. Sorry, had to.

Dude is jacked out of his mind. Like, we’re talking eight-pack here. No wonder some of the other dudes are feeling threatened by him.

Along those lines, with the axing of DeMario Jackson, Eric is now the man in the house that stirs the pot and everyone is gunning for.

Should be interesting.

Peter, 31
Photo via ABC

4. Peter Kraus (above). A business owner, Peter previously had relationship problems that led to therapy, according to … him.

Kraus told Rachel about this on an early dates and was told he was "scaring her." In a good way, because she can so relate.

They bonded immediately and forged a strong emotional connection, which made him a fan favorite among the contenders.

Which three to take on overnights (read: into the Fantasy Suite, and which one to send to their home after hometown dates? 

And which two to take to the season finale?

Obviously, there are spoilers below … newly updated and accurate ones. So if you want to remain in suspense, turn back now.

Rachel Lindsay: The Bachelorette Poster
Photo via ABC

Dean Unglert gets to axe, leaving a final three of Eric Bigger, Peter Kraus and Bryan Abasolo, all of whom meet Rachel’s family.

Now for the confusing part.

According to the original spoilers, it was unclear who made the final two, but Rachel got engaged to Peter Kraus. End of story.

But … yeah. About that …

The long and story of it is that the sources who supplied this story were uncharacteristically wrong, and she is NOT with Peter.

She is with Bryan. Rachel Lindsay is engaged to Dr. Bryan Abasolo, and that’s all she wrote. Come August 7, this is what we’ll see.

How do we know for sure? Obviously, there’s always a sliver of doubt ’til the finale airs, but for all intents and purposes, Bryan is the guy. 

Bryan Abasolo Pic
Photo via Instagram

Clearly, with the initial predictions being wrong, the narrative that she’s with Peter has been circulating among fans for weeks on end.

Because of this, expect Rachel-Peter fans to be in denial and/or having anxiety attacks, but don’t expect him to beat Bryan inthe end.

As for who is the next Bachelor, it’s not a stretch to say that Peter is going to be serious candidate if not the odds-on favorite right now.

He’s got a built in fan base and would be a worthy man for the job on merit, so if he wants it, we’d be surprised if he didn’t get it.

That’s months away, however. For now, digest these Bachelorette spoilers and hit the comments below … did she make the right choice?

If you believe the spoilers, that is?!