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In just 17 days, viewers will be treated to a new season of 90 Day Fiance.

The TLC series has been both successful and controversial ever since its premiere in early 2014, as it didn’t merely attempt to create long-term relationships under strange circumstances, such as The Bachelor.

The Hollywood Gossip

The series follows couples who have … wait … you guessed it … 90 days to decide to marry before their 90-day K-1 visas expire.

These visas are made available uniquely to foreign fiancés of American citizens, and the process is complicated to say the least.

First, the petitioner must meet the beneficiary, inside or outside the U.S., and file a I-129F petition with evidence of meeting and of a relationship.

After the I-129F is approved, the petitioner must pass biometrics, at which point the process shifts to the foreign embassy of the beneficiary.

The beneficiary then files for a visa, before or after passing the necessary medical requirements, and is called for an interview.

And we’re just getting started …

The Hollywood Gossip

The beneficiary must then prove that they meet the requirements of the visa, including strong evidence of meeting and a valid relationship.

Once that occurs, the foreign fiance travels to the U.S. to live with his or her prospective spouse, who they must wed within 90 days.

That, or they must leave the country.

Naturally, the couples face a host of challenges, from language barriers and culture shock to the inevitable "mail order bride" stigma.

Critics believe this premise is pretty cold and calculating and cynical and really just all around ridiculous.

But, hey, TLC has aired four seasons to date and a second season of the follow-up Happily Ever After show airs June 25.

What can viewers expect to take place on new summer episodes?

Danielle & Mohamed

First, it’s worth noting this scoop from The Futon Critic:

On television over the next several weeks, fans will tune in to watch "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?"

But they will also have a chance to go behind the scenes of the show online (and on the TLC Now app) via a program titled "90 Day Fiance: What Now?"

So there’s something to keep in mind.

As for the content of the forthcoming episodes?

90 Day Fiance will be checking in on a handful of couples who did walk down the aisle and exchange vows.

From Danielle and Mohamed … to Loren and Alexei … to Russ and Paola … to Jorge and Anfisa … to Chantel and Pedro, we’ll find out what happens when these twosomes are handed a dose of marital reality.

Loren & Alexei

Look for major cultural differences and clashes to become issues for the husbands and their foreign wives, along with stress from financial difficulties and disapproving family members as well.

Mohamed, for instance, doesn’t want to stay in the States; he wants to defect to Qatar or Canada.

Chantel will bring the drama with Pedro, while Jorge and Anfisa will deal with all the ways in which the latter is trying to milk her newfound fame by breaking into the modeling business.

Also, according to one insider, "juicy tidbits about Jorge’s marijuana business" will come to light.

Well… okay then!

We may need to tune in after all this summer.

Chantel & Pedro

According to TLC, the new digital series will center on what life has been like for several fan-favorite 90 Day Fiance couples after they made their romance official and legal.

The couples returning for "What Now" will include Narkyia and Lowo; Melanie and Devar; Josh and Aleksandra; Alan and Kirlyam; and Matt and Alla.

What do you think of the concept behind 90 Day Fiance?

Have you been a fan for awhile? Will you be tuning in for the new season and beyond?

Or are you beyond stunned and disgusted that this show even exists?!?

Comment below and let us know!