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Earlier this year, Amy Duggar revealed that she and her husband, Dillon King, have some pretty serious relationship issues.

A Duggar with a troubling marriage — who would have thought?!

Amy Duggar, Husband

Amy and Dillon appeared on Marriage Boot Camp where they went through intensive reality show therapy to work on a variety of things, but the biggest issue seemed to be with their communication skills.

Or lack thereof.

Amy had a big problem with the way Dillon spoke to her — she kept saying that he had a certain tone he used with her that she felt was very condescending.

In one particularly disturbing moment on the show, Amy yelled at him that "It sucks being treated like a child!"

When Dillon tried to tell her that she was being dramatic, she hit back with "When you treat me like a child, I feel like I’m being raped by an older man."

Still, despite that horrific declaration, Amy decided to stay married to Dillon, and it seems like they’re much happier these days.

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And she’s running her mouth all about it in a new interview with Us Weekly!

"Our love isn’t perfect, but it’s real!" she says in the interview. "We don’t try to be anything we are not."

Amy and Dillon are discussing their relationship because they’re the subject of a brand new TLC special called Amy & Dillon: Married One Year.

They celebrated their first anniversary last September, so it looks like TLC has been waiting for the right moment to drop the special, and what better time than now?

Now that so many people are having so much fun theorizing about the state of Amy’s uterus, that is.

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On the topic of children, Amy explains that "It is very important for us to spend time as a married couple alone without kids. We love to travel and we have been traveling like crazy!"

"But when it comes to kids … Yes, we are on the same page. We love kids and we actually sat down one night for hours and talked all about it."

She says that they "definitely have a plan for when we would like to grow our family," and "we always talk about baby names too. There’s a list on my phone."

Remember, they could be putting that list to use sooner rather than later — according to some statements they made in a podcast last month, they’re not doing anything to prevent a pregnancy.

Amy said that she’s not on birth control at the moment, and Dillon said that he’s not been wearing condoms.

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So unless there are any underlying issues, there’s a solid chance we’ll be seeing Amy pregnant pretty darn soon.

But to get back to their marriage, and that rocky first year of it, Amy says that "I don’t know if I will fully know Dill 100 percent, but I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to."

"I had a very hard time just learning how to express my feelings without storming out and he had a problem with his tone."

She admits that "it’s still something we are continuing to work on."

So she still feels like she’s being raped by an older man when Dillon uses that cursed tone of his?

Oh, Amy …