Amy Duggar: Pregnant with First Child!?

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Earlier this years, Jinger Duggar was spotted in shorts. Which may not sound like much, but was a really big deal in Duggar Nation.

The Internet nearly exploded into a million tiny pieces as a result, but it looks as though an even bigger piece of news may soon be announced.

Amy Duggar with Husband

News from another member of the Duggar Family, one that makes Jinger in pants, or shorts, seem pedestrian by comparison.

And that is this ... brace yourselves:

Amy Duggar is pregnant!

Maybe! Possibly! Based on some pretty intense Instagram speculation that has the community buzzing in the past few days!

The reality star - whose relationship with husband Dillon King has been under the spotlight of late, posed for a photo on Easter Sunday.

One that has left many followers asking one pertinent question:

Is Duggar hiding a baby bump under this flowing floral dress?

Amy Duggar Baby Bump?

Take a close look and jump into the debate for yourself.

We can at least see where some folks are coming from when they became convinced Amy Duggar is pregnant, can't you?

This is the sort of ensemble someone who is expecting would wear on a warm spring day and her belly could very well be baby bumping.

Duggar, of course, didn't offer any hints via the photo's caption, simply writing a religious and inspiring message to fans that reads as follows:

"God's glory fills the earth, Jesus is alive!"

"Happy Easter to you and your family!"

Amy Duggar, Husband

Amy Duggar, of course, is Jim Bob's niece, and stands out from her 19 cousins due to the many times she's talked candidly about her marriage.

Often times in less than flattering terms.

The ways in which she's aimed to profit off this troubled romance and her difficult past have also landed Amy under the microscope.

Most notably, Amy and Dillon were a featured twosome on WEtv's Marriage Boot Camp, where there was a clear "lack of respect" between the pair.

That's according to the network itself.

And then there was the topic of Amy being abused by her father, which landed her in major hot water during one episode.

Amy Duggar in a Sweater

Amy even told a fellow cast member that her dad once attacked her, picking her up by her throat and raising her all the way to the ceiling.

Supposedly, this awful behavior occurred only because she lied about brushing her teeth when she was a kid.


Rumors of a divorce for Amy and Dillon, something that is such a no-no in this family that Anna Duggar remains married to Josh Duggar, have also plagued the couple.

Later in the Marriage Boot Camp season, Amy and Dillon both agreed that communication was a major problem for them.

After Josh told Amy that she was being "overdramatic," she shot back with a line that shook her spouse - and viewers - to the core:

"When you treat me like a child, I feel like I'm being raped by an older man!" 

It's never a healthy sign for any relationship when a comparison to rape is being tossed around; on that, we can all agree, right?

Ever since their starring role on this reality show, Amy and Dillon have posed for a multitude of photos on social media.

They're clearly making an effort to put on a loving front for fans and to prove that their difficulties are behind them.

Really, though, what better way to prove this would there be than to have a baby?

(We're not advocating the use of a baby to "prove" anything about a marriage; we're just saying we could see this logic from Amy and Dillon's point of view.)

Moreover, having babies is just what Duggar women do. It's how they roll. It's what their faith basically dictates.

Amy and Dillon King Pic

Along these rumored lines, Amy Duggar's stomach isn't the only one we need to keep an eye on these days.

There's been talk that the newly married Mrs. Jeremy Vuolo, a.k.a. Jinger Duggar is pregnant as well.

Forget that time she wore shorts, apparently.

Internet users are now focused on the times when Jinger wears nothing at all (in bed!) and whether her egg has been recently fertilized by sperm as a result.

Amy, by the way, is the niece of Jim Bob and Michelle and this would be her first child with Dillon. Or with anyone, for that matter.

Stay tuned to The Hollywood Gossip for further updates on both Amy and Jinger's wombs.

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