Ellen Pompeo to Ivanka Trump: You Actually F-ck Jared Kushner?!?

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Ellen Pompeo may play a doctor who saves lives on television...

... but she just played a very different role on Twitter:

The server of total and complete Ivanka Trump shade.

Ellen Pompeo at the PCAs

And Jared Kushner, we should add.

On Monday, the President’s son-in-law - who has amassed an unusual amount of White House power for someone with no political or foreign policy experience whatsoever - gave a speech at a technology roundtable.

Despite Kushner having often been in the news since Donald Trump was elected, and despite the many responsibilities he's been given by this administration, this marked one of the few times the public has heard him talk.

Did he blow everyone away?

Was it obvious from the get-go why President Trump has entrusted Kushner with an array of domestic and international tasks and duties?

Not to Pompeo.

"Ok ok this... omg @IvankaTrump you have sex with this guy??? I can't aahhhhhaaaa," Pompeo Tweeted along with a link to Kushner's speech.

The veteran Grey's Anatomy really couldn't believe it.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Together

She had to jump back online and repeat herself shortly after making her initial comment.

"Wait wait one more time aaahhhhaaaa," Pompeo added.

Aside from once wondering who needs a penis to get things done, Pompeo isn't exactly the type of celebrity to make outrageous statements.

She isn't Sarah Silverman. Or even Katy Perry.

She doesn't usually make waves on social media or step into the political fray, which is what makes this Tweet both so noteworthy and so hilarious.

pompeo tweets

It was as if Pompeo truly could not help herself.

She was so taken aback and so turned off by Kushner's speech that she literally couldn't comprehend how anyone could have sex with him.

And yet... Ivanka has had sex with Jared Kushner.

At least three times by our count, considering the couple has three children, two sons and a daughter.

The replies on Pompeo's page were mostly congratulatory after she slammed Kushner, with one following even welcoming the actress to the "blocked by Donald Trump club."

Alas, the Commander-in-Chief is yet to take this step when it comes to Pompeo.

Jared Kushner Pic

Another user replied: "ELLEN UR A SAVAGE OMG."

And another paid homage to the most famous Meredith Grey quote in Grey's Anatomy quotes history by writing:

"Can someone help me be friends with @EllenPompeo? Choose me. Pick me. Love me!"

Mad props to this person. We'd totally understand why someone would have sex with him or her.

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