Younes Bendjima and Kourtney Kardashian: Doing Lunch, Each Other

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In celebration of her 38th birthday late last month, Kourtney Kardashian jetted down to Mexico and took some very revealing photos of herself.

She got pretty drunk and posed frequently in a bikini, showing off her rear end and her cleavage in numerous sexy snapshots.

Heck, Kardashian even got nice and naked at one point.

Kourtney Kardashian, No Bra

We assumed at the time that Kourtney was taunting Scott Disick, perhaps playing some kind of game with her on-again/off-again three-time baby daddy.

But now we have reason to believe that these pictures were meant for someone else.

Remember Younes Bendjima?!?

The ridiculously attractive model was first rumored to be banging Kardashian in November of last year, with insiders telling Us Weekly at the time that the two weren't involved in some serious relationship.

But they were involved.

It was more than just the occasional drunken hook-up.

Just 23 years old, Bendjima has modeled for such big-time brands as Calvin Klein, Burberry, and Ralph Laurenl.

He once dated Victoria’s Secret model Jourdan Dunn, too, so he knows his way around a beautiful woman's body.

Younes Bendjima Shirtless

And perhaps this explains why Kourtney clearly can't quit Younes.

On Tuesday afternoon, she didn’t even attempt to keep this fling a secret, strolling the streets of West Hollywood with Bendjima on her way to lunch with her boy toy.

There was paparazzi cameras all around - and while Kardashian wasn't holding hands with Bendjima, she wasn't exactly ducking into side alleys with him, either.

According to TMZ sources, Bendjima splits his time between Los Angeles and Paris and was actually out partying with Kourtney the night Kim Kardashian got robbed in early October.

According to all female sources who work at The Hollywood Gossip, meanwhile, Bendjima is VERY good looking.

Younes Bendjima Image

With Kourtney flaunting this romance in public for the first time (visit Radar Online or TMZ for some photos of the pair), it's hard not to wonder if she's sending a message to Disick.

Just a few days prior to this outing, E! aired an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that featured Scott bringing a "tramp" (Kim's word, not ours) back to his hotel room.

Things got pretty ugly from there.

You can use the video below to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online and see what we mean:

Then again, this same show has been suffering from a major ratings decline of late.

It's also very possible that producers asked Kourtney to take this walk and go on this date with her younger model friend in order to get people talking and wondering and then tuning in.

You really never know with this family.

All we know for certain is that Kardashian has still got it at the age of 38, as you can see below.

So we don't blame Bendjima for wanting to break him off a piece of this, nor Disick for wanting her all to himself.

Nor Kourtney, for that matter. Work it, girl! Get yourself a taste of that younger meat while you still can!

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