The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 24 Recap: The Liar

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Phaedra Parks has a knack for making everything about her and that was shown off on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 24

When the episode got underway, we picked up with Kandi, who was not impressed with the revelation that Phaedra was the one who concocted the claims that about Kandi sexually assaulting Porsha. 

“I repeated it because I heard it,” Phaedra snarled at her enemies when she was put on the spot. 

“No, she said it to you, Phaedra," Porsha fired back as Kandi's eyes widened with shock. 

“Something was brought to me, and I repeated it," Phaedra replied as though she was ready to change her name and make a run for her life out of Atlanta. 

However, Porsha's reply was pretty awesome. 

“You told me she said it to you!"

Kandi and Her Boobs

As you could probably expect, Kandi was ready to go to war with her former friend for even bringing the drama up.

“That’s what I’m talking about — the lies, the lies, the lies!”

Kandi has been vocal about the women lying all season long. Kandi noted that Phaedra has been playing a game with Porsha all season long and it's not been healthy. 

Porsha bursts in floods of tears, while Kandi looked like she was ready to forgive her. These lies have cast a dark shadow over the latter part of the season. 

Nobody likes having their name dragged through the mud, but poor Kandi had that done to her and people questioned whether it was true. 

Porsha continued to try and make things right with Kandi. 

Porsha Williams Smiling

“That’s awful. I would never say that about somebody if you didn’t tell me that.”

Phaedra just sat on the seat, not giving a damn about the way she was being portrayed on television. 

The issue at hand quickly switched to whether Phaedra created the rumor from thin air, or if one of the other housewives said it first. 

Now, what the women did to Kandi was beyond horrible, and, they did it on national TV! That would be enough to make anyone want to run off and change their name. 

All of the women started wailing, and it became clear just how much of an effect this had on all of them. While Porsha questioned her whole friendship with Phaedra, Todd Tucker had the best response. 

“Drag her Porsha!”

Porsha then had the mother of all responses when she realized Phaedra was trying to play dumb about the whole thing. 

Kandi Burruss at 2017 Grammy Awards

“You know damn well the day you told me that, two days before I sat with Kandi, you said she told you firsthand! Then two days ago we talked on the phone, and you told me that she said it firsthand. Now, what I’m not gonna do is go back in text messages and reveal that, because we don’t need no motherf—ing receipts.”

I was sitting there, waiting to see the receipts. Now, I love a good feud, but not when one person is this crappy towards someone who is a friend. 

When the tables turned on Phaedra, she tried to brush it all off, saying: “I asked her. I said, ‘I was told this.'”

Um, alright then. 

When Andy pushed for the truth from Porsha, she could only muster the same rehashed response she had already given, like, ten times. 

“I was repeating something. I shouldn’t have repeated it.”

Kandi, however, was not ready to let the feud die down. 

“Y’all accused me of being a f—ing rapist!”

This signaled the ladies to take a break from all of the drama and left the stage. When they returned, Phaedra pulled a new phrase from her vocabulary: 

“You know I made a rash decision.”

For what it's worth, she did try to apologize, but she also never admitted she was in the wrong. 

Andy then even targeted Phaedra because he felt like she was giving the women a bad name. 

“You got caught in a pretty megawatt lie. I don’t know that you’ve completely copped to it…”

Phaedra, however, was not ready to end the feud. She did try to apologize, but what is an apology when it almost ruined a life?

“All I can do is apologize. I can’t change that it happened.”

Oh, the drama. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta returns later this year. Should Phaedra be fired? 

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