Teen Mom OG Recap: Who Just Got Kicked Outta the House?

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On Monday night's Teen Mom OG, Maci found herself in an unexpected position with Ryan Edwards, while Amber had a big night planned.

Elsewhere, Catelynn and Tyler butted heads regarding different parenting styles, and Farrah Abraham ... ugh. Just ugh.

When Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 6 got underway, Maci Bookout decided to get lunch with Ryan's fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer.

Yes, somebody has agreed to marry Ryan Edwards!

Ryan got engaged to Mackenzie, as shown on the previous episode of Teen Mom OG, and she bonded with Maci over their experiences.

Guess who was also a teen mom ... just not on TV?

As always, Maci worried about co-parenting, and expressed how she'd really love for Bentley to spend more time with his dad in life.

However, she would like that to happen at Ryan's place, not his parents Jen and Larry's, as has been Edwards' custom over the years.

With Standifer already slamming MTV producers for their editing, we don't anticipate this is going to be a drama-free season for long.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Pic

Elsewhere, Amber Portwood hit up a casting call with Matt Baier, with the goal of booking models for her Forever Haute fashion show.

Backing up for a second ... yes, Amber is running a fashion show, and apparently, models were all too enthused about being in this.

It's unclear if this will be a success, but we certainly hope it will be, because she's working hard at it and has come so far in life already.

In Catelynn Lowell's segment, Tyler Baltierra paid a visit to his dad, the oft-troubled Butch, who he told his wife seemed very depressed.

Sad? Absolutely, yes. Surprising? Not so much.

Cate and Ty have their issues, for sure, but given what they've overcome together, and continue to struggle with, our hats are off to them.

Farrah on TMOG

Finally, Farrah Abraham's mom, Debra Danielsen, flew in to Austin to help plan and run little Sophia‘s sleepover-themed birthday party.

Naturally, things went south in a big ol' hurry.

Debra showed Farrah pictures of her giving birth to Sophia, which didn't go over well ... and later, Farrah asked Debra to pack her bags.

As in, find a hotel 'cause you can't stay here.

Farrah acted like this was the plan all along, while Deb was caught off guard and incredulous, and the verbal sparring escalated quickly.

“Are you staying at a hotel? Because you’re not going to be at my house the whole time,” Farrah said of the "arrangement." 

“Last night and the night before," she said, "you got to stay because Sophia wanted you to stay and it was a slumber party."

Not now, though, according to Farrah.

"If you can’t respect the boundary and still hang out and be normal the week while you’re here, that's your loss,” she said.

One is frequently at a loss for words when it comes to Abraham, but she's ratcheting up the absurdity to new levels lately.

We realize her relationship with her parents is strained, and that it's a two-way street, but this is just forcing conflict is it not?

Anyway, you can follow the link to watch Teen Mom OG online and relive all the drama - the good, the bad and the Farrah.

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