Newborn Baby Holds Mom's Failed IUD in Adorable Viral Photo

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The story of a woman named Lucy Hellein and her brand new baby boy is going viral, and for good reason.

It's fascinating, it doesn't really make sense, there's a precious little baby involved ... there's something for everyone!

Lucy Hellein Pic

Lucy just gave birth to her fourth child, a little boy she named Dexter, on April 27th.

Dexter was born in Fort Benning, Georgia, and weighed in at just over 9 pounds.

You may be thinking something along the lines of "Congrats or whatever, but why are we talking about this?"

And the answer, friends, is that we're talking about this because of this photo of the baby, which has gone viral this week:

Newborn Baby Holding IUD

That's precious little Dexter experiencing the world for the very first time. He's also -- and this is the real fun part -- holding his mother's IUD in his tiny baby hand.

Yep, Lucy had the Mirena IUD implanted last year as her chosen form of birth control.

Obviously it did not take.

A couple of weeks ago, Lucy wrote a post on Instagram, explaining what went down.

"Back in December, I found out I was already 18 weeks pregnant," she wrote.

Lucy Hellein Pregnant

And to all the people wondering how she could have gone so long without knowing about the pregnancy, she said that she still had her IUD in.

"This boy was definitely a HUGE surprise," she continued. "Apparently I'm part of the 1% who end up with a viable Mirena pregnancy."

The baby's due date was May 4th -- she said that "even my OB said The Force is Strong with this one."

However, she scheduled a C-section for April 27th "to find the mirena and close down the baby factory."

Doctors found the IUD behind her placenta, then placed it in the baby's hand because, come on, it's a great photo.

Lucy Hellein Photo

In an interview, Lucy admits that she didn't think the photo of her son would go viral, and that her doctor estimates she conceived about three weeks after getting the IUD.

A Planned Parenthood nurse has commented on the story as well, explaining that it's "next to impossible" to get pregnant while on Mirena.

Specifically, she said "You have a better chance of winning the lotto."

Well, better start buying up those tickets, ladies: as Lucy's photo has been making the rounds on social media, several women have been sharing their own stories about their "Mirena fails."

Congrats to the happy little family!

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