Kim Kardashian: THIS is Why Kanye West Skipped the Met Gala

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Kim Kardashian walked the red carpet of the 2017 Met Gala on Monday night, but she did so in a surprising manner.

Two surprising manners, actually:

  1. Kanye West did not accompany his wife to the event.
  2. Kim remained almost entirely covered up and pretty darn boring for one of fashion's most highly-publicized events.

What was going on?!?

Kim Kardashian at 2017 MET Gala

In regard to the first topic cited above, it had been announced prior to the Met Gala that Kanye would be missing out.

An insider had told People Magazine early yesterday that the rapper is not prepared to smile (or glare, really) for any public cameras yet, not in the wake of his mental breakdown late last fall.

In November, West was hospitalized for nine days as the result of a nervous breakdown that sources have connected to the anniversary of his mother passing away, along with the fallout of his wife being robbed at gunpoint just weeks earlier in Paris.

Kanye, whose mind is going a zillion miles per hour at all times even when his life is seemingly calm and peaceful, simply couldn't handle all of the stress, tension and anxiety.

"He’s not going because he’s not ready to start attending big events,” said the People source on Monday, adding of West in general prior to the Gala:

“He’s doing great but wants to keep his stress levels low and just wants to take more time off. Kim and Kanye are in a great place.”

Kim Kardashian for the MET Gala

Kardashian mostly echoed this sentiment when asked by Vogue‘s André Leon Talley about her husband's whereabouts.

“He’s at home,” the reality star explained. “He’s been taking some time off and really loving that.”

We haven't heard a single word from West since his breakdown several months ago.

For someone who craves publicity and who is prone to the not-very-occasional rant against society, West's silence proves that he really has been suffering from a number of personal issues.

We hope he's on a path to recovery.

Kim Kardashian Goes Simple

Elsewhere, Kardashian took many Met Gala fans by surprise by simply donning a white dress to Monday night's gathering in New York City.

Unlike sister Kendall Jenner, who might as well have been naked at the event, Kim didn't dress to impress, surprise or dazzle in any significant way.

She admitted as much to Talley, saying she assumed most attendees would go "over the top" with their outfit and she wanted to stand out instead by keeping it "simple."

Kim can consider that mission accomplished, but she can also consider herself to be included on our list of Worst Dressed Met Gala celebrities:

We're very sorry, and it's not that Kim offended our fashion senses, like some of the stars listed above. (Come on, Madonna... really?!?)

It's more that we expect a lot from someone such as Kim Kardashian when the world of fashion comes together in celebration of the weird, the revealing and the forward-thinking.

We expect more than what she gave us here.

She can consider this a compliment of sorts, along with a wish from our website to her eyes that she really brings it in 2018.

Come on, Kim!!!!!

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