Rob Kardashian: Is He Really Dream Kardashian's Father?

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On last night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, fans finally saw the moment at which Rob Kardashian became a father.

Of course, the scene where Blac Chyna gave birth to baby Dream was overshadowed by the ongoing drama in his siblings' lives.

Rob Kardashian, Daughter

Kim's life, Khloe's conflict with Caitlyn Jenner, and even Kris' birthday celebration took precedence over the birth of Rob's baby daughter.

It was an indication of just how far Blac has fallen in the eyes of Kardashian fans, as well as the extent to which the public has lost interest in her relationship with Rob.

After embracing her when it looked as though she and Rob might actually make it work, the Kardashians have also turned a cold shoulder to Blac.

The indifference toward Rob's baby mama has led fans to speculate as to whether there might be some truth to the rumor that Dream isn't actually Rob's kid.

And now it seems the 30-year-old first-time dad is also entertaining the possibility that Blac got pregnant by someone else.

Dream Kardashian Instagram Pic

“He’s got it in his head that Chyna faked the first paternity test,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“She’s said to him many times in anger that Dream’s not his baby.

"Even though she always backtracks later, saying she was trying to hurt him, Rob’s literally been having nightmares about it.”

Obviously, Blac would have to pull some serious trickery in order to fake the results of a pregnancy test.

In all likelihood, Rob's suspicions are just the manifestation of deep-seated insecurities.

“Blac’s really messed his head up big time and he’s not thinking straight,” says the insider.

Rob Kardashian Hugs Blac Chyna

“Deep down he knows Dream’s his baby - she’s the spitting image of him and his name’s on the birth certificate."

In the end, "it’s Blac he doesn’t trust.”

The show seemed to address these rumors last night, when Rob's sisters remarked that Dream looks so much like Rob that "she's like his twin."

Knowing the Kard clan's propensity for manipulating reality with reality television, anything is possible.

Were those scenes included in the episode (or perhaps even shot after the fact) in order to convince both Rob and the public that the baby is really his?

You can't rule it out. Just saying.

Rob Kardashian with Dream

At this point, it seems there's no doubt that the child is actually Rob's. The only question is whether he'll accept that.

If he does, he can try to form an amicable co-parenting relationship with Blac, and move on to the next phase of his life.

Or, on the flip side, he can continue to question whether or not she was faithful when they were together and drive himself insane.

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