Mel B to Friends: Shhh, Stephen Belafonte May Kill Me!

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New, frightening details have emerged regarding the marriage between Melanie Brown and Stephen Belafonte.

As previously reported, the reality show judge split from her husband of nearly 10 years late last month, with a follow-up report shedding very scary light on what transpired between Brown and Belafonte throughout their relationship.

According to legal documents that accompanied a restraining order request, Belafonte abused and assaulted Brown at various points in their marriage.

Mel B Photo

The allegations are extremely disturbing.

Brown details multiple occasions on which Belafonte either chokes her, punches her in the face or slams her on to the ground.

She says he secretly recorded sexual trysts between the couple and then used these tapes as blackmail, forcing Brown to have threesomes with him and another woman.

The X Factor panelist also claims Belafonte got the couple's nanny pregnant and then used Brown's money to get her an abortion.

After Brown took an entire bottle of Aspirin on 2014, in order to deal with overwhelming exhaustion, Belafonte allegedly locked her in the bedroom and wouldn't let her call paramedics to come help.

Stephen "threatened me with violence and threatened to destroy my life in every possible way," Brown wrote in her request to the judge, adding that Belafonte said he would "take my kids from me" if she tried to leave.

Here's a look at a bruise Brown alleges was caused by a Stephen Belafonte assault.

The ex-Spice Girl claims her then-husband forced her to Tweet the photo and tell followers that she injured herself by running in Christian Louboutin heels.

Melanie Brown Bruise

Now, TMZ has shared an update to this scary story.

Multiple insiders have told the celebrity gossip website that Brown confessed to friends and family members that Belafonte often brutally attacked her.

These loved ones offered to call the authorities on Brown’s behalf, but she begged them to remain silent because she legitimately feared for her life.

She also thought that anyone who blew the whistle on Belafonte would be in grave danger, as well.

Brown worked on both The X Factor and America’s Got Talent over the years, in Great Britain and in America.

Mel B Photograph

TMZ writes that her colleagues bore witness to Belafonte's abuse at times, yet no one ever mentioned this domestic violence to the police.

Elsewhere, Brown assets that Belafonte owns a handgun.

ATF agents actually raided his Hollywood Hills home on Friday night to determine if this allegation were true because he's not permitted to possess either a firearm or any ammunition after being convicted of domestic violence (against another woman) in 2003.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that these agents did not find a gun.

However, they did come across an empty shell casing and a bullet that was out of the casing.

The U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles is reviewing the case for possible prosecution.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

If Belafonte is charged and convicted of illegal possession of a firearm, he could face up to 10 years in jail.

Assuming even a snippet of what Brown has alleged is the truth, wouldn't that be a refreshing outcome?

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