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How did Lisa Vanderpump feel about the shifting alliances at her Diamonds and Rosé party?

That was a key concern on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 18 as the ladies arrived and started to cause trouble for each other. 

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 18 Online
Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 18 Online

When the episode got underway, Lisa Rinna made it clear that she was fuming Eden Sassoon did not back her up during her big bust up with Dorit in Hong Kong. 

Rinna turned on Dorit, who claimed she did back her friend up, but Rinna said she did not. Eileen then felt the need to join in the argument and said that Eden should have backed her up. 

Okay then. 

While that was going on, Dorit turned to Kim to let her know Rinna was causing as much trouble as ever. 

Lisa Rinna at Fashion Week
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"She asked me, ‘Do you trust your husband?’" Dorit said to Kim. "I can’t help but wonder if she’s protecting whatever issues she has," she added.

Rinna then waved over towards Kim, who did the same back. That rubbed Lisa Vanderpump the wrong way and told Kim to admit she was talking about her. 

Kim then opened up after some prompting about Rinna being a bitch behind her back. The conversation was short, but Kim did get her point across. 

Rinna returned to Eileen to tell her she was cornered by Kim. Rinna decided it was best to speak to Dorit about the whole mess. 

"It was very hurtful and mean-spirited, what you did to me in Hong Kong," Dorit said.

"I am sorry you feel that way," Rinna replied.

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"I cannot help but question what on earth kind of issues you have that you need to project on other people," Dorit said to Rinna, who was shocked to the core. 

Vanderpump decided to get her word across by saying that Rinna had a knack for going after people to make them question their sanity. 

"I tell the truth!" Rinna replied.

"Oh, please!" Dorit said. "You say one thing, and then you say another!" Dorit then told Rinna, "If I can smell your breath, you’re too close. Take a step back. I mean it."

PK appeared to defend his wife, but Rinna had a plan up her sleeve: Turn the whole thing on PK and Dorit for the way they treated Erika. 

"What you did to Erika for months, I’m sorry, it’s disgusting," Rinna said.

Erika Girardi for Bravo
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"You’ve called me cold. You’ve called me heartless," Erika claimed.

Dorit said that was lies: "I didn’t call you heartless. I called you frigid."

"Did you ever say that I did on purpose to seduce you?" Erika asked PK.

"I am upset because I’m watching you gang up on my wife," he replied. Erika was baffled by all of this and claimed she was nothing but nice to Dorit. 

PK laughed that off and said she was "delusional." Everyone left Erika and Dorit to deal with their problems alone.

"Do you realize how embarrassing that was for me?" Erika asked. "It hurt me very much that you gave me the underwear."  

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"Whatever was said, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, PK and I do not think you did it intentionally," Dorit said, extending the olive branch. 

"I so would have loved to have heard this a long time ago," Erika replied.

With one feud over, Eden turned on Rinna for her comments. 

"You were never present for me. You’re never there," she said. Rinna fired back that it was her fault for going to Vanderpump.

"I’ve given you so much of my time, my energy, my f–king heart, you bitch!" Eden screamed.

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"I’ve given you everything, Lisa — everything! And for you to sit there and say that, ‘The minute you went to Vanderpump, you were done!’ It’s not OK for you to treat me the way you do. I’m sick and tired of you walking all over me and using me as your f–king scapegoat. I’m not kidding at all! And you know that! I’ve been nothing but there for you!"

Did Eden go crazy to have a shot at returning next season? Probably. 

What did you think of all the drama?