16 Times Prince Harry Made Us Royally Swoon

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Life & Style has a story claiming that Prince Harry has knocked up some girl and fully intends to the do the right thing by making her Princess of Genovia The Remote Kingdom Of Premarital Sex Sins.

That story is a load of crap, but let's focus on the main point here: Harry is a dream boat, and pretty much any photo of him will make the ovaries stand to attention and say, "I volunteer!"

Without further ado, the photos of Prince Henry of Wales that make us go a bit weak in the knees.

1. That Scruff

That Scruff
What are you seeing is the scruff of dreams. I'll see myself out...

2. Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

Camp Bastion, Afghanistan
If you are telling me that you are able to resist a prince in fatigues who is ready to fight the good fight, then this is where we part ways. Good day. I SAID GOOD DAY, SIR!

3. Donning An Apron

Donning An Apron
I don't care if his creation is burnt to a crisp. I'll eat whatever he makes.

4. New York Groove

New York Groove
That is straight-up sex-on-a-stick.

5. Cooing Over A Baby

Cooing Over A Baby

6. He's In a Swing

He's In a Swing
Isn't my future husband wonderful with youths?

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