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Matt Baier has written a book.

That’s an absurd sentence that might be made slightly less ridiculous with the help of some crucial quotation marks:

Matt Baier has "written" a "book." (Read: He and a ghostwriter slapped some pages together in order to cash in on his fame before Amber Portwood comes to her senses and dumps his ass.)

Matt Baier Book Cover

Baier’s memoir is set to be released next month, but large portions of the text have already leaked online, and lots of people involved with Teen Mom: OG are not happy with what they’re reading.

Baier was reportedly under strict instructions to let MTV lawyers review his manuscript before the book went to press.

He complied, and the attorneys chopped a whopping 15,000 words out of the book.

But this is 2017, and secrets are a thing of the past, so naturally, portions of the offending text wound up online.

Not surprisingly, the parts that pissed people off have to with Baier’s feud with Farrah Abraham and production details that MTV would prefer to keep secret.

Matt Baier Season Six Teen Mom OG

Indeed, Baier does throw some serious shade at Farrah, writing:

"Farrah is going to be a sad, wretched excuse for a former television celebrity … Her family is going to turn their backs on her."

But why would MTV care if Matt drags Farrah?

Well, apparently lawyers for the network took issue with Baier’s claims that Farrah manipulates the her co-stars and producers with “by way of threats and intimidation.”

He also accuses the show of instigating drama and essentially stirring up his feud with Abraham.

Amber, Matt on Teen Mom OG

At one point in the book, Matt claims that he and Amber were instructed to "do their research" and dig up dirt on Farrah’s boyfriend, Simon Saran.

"An MTV producer told Amber and I to [insult Saran]," Baier writes, adding that the feud is now very real and requires no further prodding from producers.

Given that the feud culminated in a physical fight that left Farrah’s father permanently injured, it’s not hard to see why MTV would want to deny involvement.

Speaking of Michael Abraham, Baier also alleges that a Teen Mom: OG producer informed him that Farrah’s dad has a “history of physically assaulting people."

Amber and Matt on Instagram

All reality shows create artificial drama between cast members, but Baier seems to suggest that the Teen Mom team really went out of its way to ensure that Team Amber and Team Farrah hated one another.

Sources close to the situation tell page Six that Matt has been chewed out, but will not be fired from the show.

That’s not surprising, as you really can’t ax Matt without also getting rid of Amber.

So yeah – Matt can get away with a lot, and you can expect him to run his mouth more in the very near future.