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Back in December, the feud between Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham came to a head when Amber’s fiance, Matt Baier, attacked Farrah’s dad during a Teen Mom: OG reunion special.

The consensus among fans is that Matt was way out of line, but it seems the Abrahams shouldn’t hold their breath awaiting an apology.

Matt Baier Season Six Teen Mom OG
Photo via MTV

As you may have heard, Baier is publishing a memoir, because who wouldn’t want to read about the inspirational saga of a forty-something Teen Mom obsessive weaseling his way onto the show he loves?

The book has received a lot of attention due to the baffling decision to feature a nude Baier on the cover, but we now know that what’s inside the tell-all is almost as cringe-worthy.

Excerpts from Baier’s book keep popping up online, and while we assume the "leaks" are choreographed PR stunts, we’re not so sure why the book’s publishers think posting large chunks of the book online is a good idea.

From what we’ve read, the horrendously-titled You Have No F–king Idea is a lot like Baier himself – by turns boring and revolting, and stuck on the idea that a tendency to over-share can serve as a substitute for a personality.

Matt Baier Book Cover
Photo via MTV

The latest leaks help illuminate Matt’s beef with Farrah Abraham, aka the most confusing reality show feud of all time.

Farrah is openly and objectively a bad person, so we should be on board with anyone who calls her out on her bullsh-t, but Matt is just as much of a shameless opportunist, and his trash talk mostly amounts to slut-shaming and petty name-calling:

"Everybody who comes into contact with Farrah seems to have ‘victimized’ her," her writes at one point, before blaming Teen Mom producers for the fact that he and Farrah’s boyfriend, Simon Saran, aren’t besties:

"An MTV producer told Amber and I to [insult Saran]," Baier writes before adding:

"He loves to hide behind his computer and talk sh-t about what a tough guy he is."

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic
Photo via Instagram

On the topic of Farrah, Matt has this to say:

"Is she interesting to watch? No. She’s not some unique, polarizing figure with passionate opinions. She’s just mean."

He’s not wrong.

But then, as he always does, Matt takes it too far:

"Farrah is going to be a sad, wretched excuse for a former television celebrity … Her family is going to turn their backs on her."

Amber and Matt

"They’re desperate for attention and fame … Think about the future Abrahams."

Matt then takes a break from conjuring up a sad future for Farrah to claim that she’s had too much work done for him to "find her attractive" and imply that she’s lying about being raped by James Deen.

Matt, you went and made us side with Farrah Abraham.

And we’ll never forgive you for it.