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On Monday’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 8, Tommie hosted a wine tasting event that caused absolutely no drama whatsoever.

Just seeing if you’re paying attention, LOLs.

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But seriously y’all. If you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online, you don’t even need to tell us that shade gets thrown at every turn.

That’s why we watch, is it not people?!

If there wasn’t a chance someone would get a drink tossed in their face, or security would have to break up a fight, would you tune in?

Exactly. It’s LHHA’s reason for being.

At the soiree, Tommie admitted that she was waiting for Karlie Redd to pull up to Yung Joc’s comedy show but was otherwise entertained.

By what, you ask? Scrappy’s hair.

Now, seeing Yung Joc flirt with Tommie Lee basically affirms his status as a male THOT in the eyes of Melissa (if that wasn’t obvious).

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Ever self-aware, Tommie can’t help but be amused by the trouble she’s causing for Karlie Redd, who is slowly starting to lose her mind.

Karlie calls Lovely Mimi and Tommie “birds” for their actions, to which Tommie unabashedly and insincerely says sorry; Joc loves this.

The drama continued from there.

Jessica Dime observes that Karlie is so messy at this stage that you can’t even tell the girl any drama, because she beat you to it.

“She so messy you can’t even be messy with her!” Dime tells the camera, and well, what are you gonna do with someone like that?

There’s always gonna be someone richer, smarter, or in this case, messier than you, and there’s nothing to do but take your hat off to ’em.

Don’t hate the player.

The Hollywood Gossip

Dime tells Karlie about Tommie’s wine tasting event, comparing the beverages served to urine but in less flattering terms if that’s possible.

We didn’t imagine it would be any good, but that’s harsh. Come on, you know they enjoyed drinking it no matter what they said after.

Of course, Karlie feels no one around her is loyal, because how else can you explain Jessica even attending that piece of s–t event.

Also, for such a messy person, she would expect that Jessica would not sit on that kind of tea for that long, so she is doubly pissed.

And so it goes in the ATL.

Sometimes, you get messy and things happen that you don’t expect. As the old saying goes, you play in the dirt, you get dirty.