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Earlier this week, we reported on the frightening news that Kim Zolciak’s 4-year-old son was attacked by a dog and hospitalized for his injuries.

On Wednesday, Zolciak posted an update on her son, assuring fans that his treatment was successful, and he would be headed home from the hospital ahead of schedule.

And yesterday, she was already back to posting bikini pics.

Kim Zolciak Bikini Selfie 2017

If you follow her on Instagram, you know that Kim Zolciak bikini selfies are nothing new, but some fans are upset about the timing of this particular photo.

Zolciak posted the photo in order to her soon-to-be-released line of swimwear, but many see it as an act if shameless vanity in the wake of a near-tragedy.

Some fans took to the comments section on Kim’s IG page to let her know that they feel the time is not right to be posing in front of a mirror:

"Less of these and more time watching your children!" wrote one follower.

"Our hearts are still heavy, please give us an update on Kash," commented another.

Kim Zolciak: Selfie #7,861

Strangely, it’s not the first time that Kim has been criticized for combining her passion for beachwear with her parenting.

A photo of Zolciak and her teen daughters wearing bikinis was promptly deleted from social media back in 2015 after fans pointed out that Kim there was something unseemly about the photo.

Clearly, nothing will stop Kim from posting scantily-clad selfies, and we can’t blame her.

After all, her look is a huge part of her brand.

Going forward, however, she may want to give more thought to context before she tries to shill her products to fans.

Kim and Kroy Biermann

As for little Kash, Kim says his recovery is going as well as can be expected given the circumstances:

"Kash is going home today earlier than expected," she updated fans on Wednesday.

"Thank you for all your comments, tweets, emails, and texts. We honestly felt all the positive energy you guys were sending and we couldn’t be more grateful."

Here’s hoping the little guy’s condition continues to improve.

And maybe as a bonus, the haters will give Kim a break for a few days.

Everyone deals with stress differently – and apparently some folks use bikini selfies to cope.