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If you follow her on Instagram, as many of us do, you know that reality star Kim Zolciak posts bikini selfies on a pretty regular basis. 

In the past, her social media pics have been heavily criticized, mainly because Zolciak is terrible at Photoshop and/or waist training.

However, her latest is under fire for a totally different reason.

Kim Zolciak's Face

That’s a photo of the former real housewife of Atlanta, and mother of six, with her two eldest daughters: Brielle, 18, and Ariana, 14 (!!!!).

Kim posted the pic with a caption reading, "It’s in the genes baby."

Needless to say, the commenters had a field day with this one.

Not only is it weird to post racy pics of your teenage daughters, it’s sort of obnoxious to boast that they owe their looks to the DNA you passed along.

She may not be wrong per se, but it’s still a little much, no?

Here’s the photo in question of Kim and her teenagers …

Kim Zolciak: Bikini Pic With Daughters

It’s also particularly weird in this case, as Zolciak’s many plastic surgeries are well-documented, so it’s sort of ironic for her to boast like this.

If her genes were so flawless, would she be the undisputed queen of cosmetic surgery – one who seems pretty darn proud of that no less?

It’s a fair question if nothing else. And people are asking it.

Often times, not as politely as we just did. Kim’s online followers really went off on her, with one even going so far as to say:

"Most people were posting today for veterans, honoring them for their service and sacrifice. Leave it to you to post bikini pics!"

Not surprisingly, Kim quietly deleted the pic shortly after it was posted. No apology, just removed, in hopes that we’ll move on.

Which we will, eventually. But the Internet is permanent, Kim.

Once you put it out there, it’s never truly gone. Those beautiful daughters may have great genes, but they will inherit this online burden someday.

Food for thought.